Do You Suffer From Pupaphobia?

Pupaphobia is a surprisingly common phobia with millions of people round the world, who face the weird problem of anxiety and intimidation gripping their mind whenever they see puppets.


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To be more specific, this type of phobia is a persistent and abnormal fear of puppets that sends cold running down your spine.

When attacked by the fear, it causes needless distress to countless people, thus robbing their mind’s peace and life's tranquility.

How Pupaphobia Affects Your Life?
Once you become the victim of pupaphobia, you will face the fear every time you pass a puppet store or see even a cute little puppet in the hand of a child.

When the condition becomes worse, it can cause you panic attacks and keep you apart from loved ones. However, the process of experiencing pupaphobia varies amongst the victims, since each has their own way of experiencing the fear.

But in no way the fear is detrimental at all. It may not jeopardize your life physically, but definitely it will make life mentally more complicated.

The Real Cause Of Fear Of Puppets
Though puppets are dead objects, they invoke a sense of fear and anxiety in the mind. There was a time when puppets were explicitly used to represent the dead and this has given rise to many myths that act as the source of fear in the minds of the victims.

The overall effect has a deteriorating effect on life and you feel all energy and happiness drained out of you.

Fear of puppets arise in the unconscious mind as a protective mechanism that pricks you from time to time and squeezes out the little bit of life in you.

But you need to overcome the problem of pupaphobia, until it robs your life completely.

How To Overcome Fear Of Puppets
NLP self help techniques tries to reach the root of the problem. Scientists have experimented with the treatment over decades and have come out with very effective results.

What is most appreciating about NLP is that it uses the power of imagination to reprogram your reactions in the mind. The techniques are painless and long lasting and therefore you can definitely rely on it.

Talk-therapy and medication have not been able to solve the problems of such fear from the root, but NLP has brought in some very dramatic changes to the fear and have been successful in overcoming it.

With the aid of my NLP based Phobia Release Program , all the roots relating to pupaphobia are eliminated from the mind and you live a peaceful life at the end of it all.

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Posted by Jan Heering
Phobia Treatment Expert and author
Founder and President of the Morpheus Institute and

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