Pupaphobia, terrified of puppets

by Madison G
(arlington heights, illinois, united states of america)

this is not exactly what was on the billboard. but close enough to it

this is not exactly what was on the billboard. but close enough to it

I am terrified, absolutely terrified, of puppets. it all started with a dream i had. the puppets were everywhere. They were killing everyone! EVERYONE! and the main puppets, were a younger and older version of myself. The one that was the worst was a little girl (a younger verion of myself) with two high brown pigtails. She had a wide smile that was stitched closed. Half of the stitches had come loose. she was covered in blood and waving at me. Then on the way home from my bestfriend's dad's house, i saw it. There was a bilboard with THAT PUPPET on it. all it said on the billboard was, "Would it kill him?!" i couldn't take it. i know my dream will come true. puppets are going to be the end of us all. But it just got worse at a haunted house this past October. on October 14, 2010 i went to Dream Reapers haunted house. There was a girl who followed me around and singled me out of my group. she looked so much like the puppet from the dream!i can no longer be near a place with puppets. if i'm shhopping at the mall and there is a store that sells puppets, i can NOT go in. i feel them watching me. i know they are out there waiting to kill me. GET RID OF THE PUPPETS!

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