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glad there are others.
by: Anonymous

I can see now that I have had postal phobia since the mid 1960's. It was mostly a bother in that i was slow to open mail (maybe weeks). Since the mid 90's it has gotten worse. I have boxes of mail unopened in my house and I have to struggle to get up the courage to go to the mail box. Sometimes it takes weeks. I think the post office took my mail back this week. A few years ago i started behavior modification therapy went for about 4 sessions but the therapist up and moved. So I struggle.

I have it too...
by: Anonymous

I Googled it and found yours. I talked to my brother and he has it also!! It may be more common than we think...

postal phobia
by: lola

I also have postal phobia, I donĀ“t know since when. It takes me three or four steps to see it. One day I open the mail box, some days latter it goes from the hall to my desk, some more days I open it... and later I really read it, so it takes almost a week. I associate, I believe, post with bills, traffick tickets and government issues. I also dislike anything that has to do with Institutional Departments. I feel like they know all my life and what I do. This is a big joke at home, but I really dislike the feeling.

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