by Eric

I have an irrational fear of well.....paws. I use that as a sub for the real word for what ppl use to walk with because even the word freaks me out. its less of a fear, and more of a discust. There is no treatment for it that works that you dont pay big cash for that actually works. ive had this phobia since i was at most four, and am now 15. it is really shitty do deal with,and is such a phobia that nobody understands and just brushes off, telling me to "get over it". I really need someone to help me here if they can because it is leading to a severe infection that needs to be operated on by a proff. doctor and not me(Im not very good yet). This could end me, so i need some quick feedback. And for the other Podophobics out there, i just want you to know there is someone worse out there LOL.

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