Podophobia, feet fear

by Megan :D

Whenever I get around feet, I cringe, I have panic attacks and I can't feel anything in my body, My heart races and I flip out. It's even worse when a foot touches mine because I HATE feet. I feel dirty. I have to go wash my hands and or take a shower.

People make fun of me and say that I am crazy and Psyco. I am not. I don't know really anything about this phobia until I read about it on Google. i was sick of people telling me there was no such thing as being afraid of a foot, and I found a lot of information. These are the symtoms and I have all of them:

•Increased heart rate
•Difficulty in breathing
•Always having the tendency to run away from situations
•An extreme feeling of anxiety and dread

I am really sick of this phodophobia and being made fun of. I hate it.

I try not to be afraid of them but look at them! They are so wierd and gross!!

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