Podophobia, fear of feet

by Neko

Well...erm... I really really hate feet! It's not like I cry everytime I see them... but i do keep a close eye on them to make sure they dont' touch me! It's just...the thought of them actually touching me makes me spazz and feel sick. And whenever i watch cartoons (Dexter's lab) or play video games (Kingdom Hearts) where the character have huge feet, i have to distract myself from it. And whenever I go to a new friends house, I always have my shoes/socks on so i don't have to expose my feet to this strange environment where other people's feet have touched the floor. Though if I'm really comfy, I will walk bear foot. OH, and whenever I play DDR (Dance Dance Rev) I can't stand when i have to take my socks off and touch the dance matt... I mean... other peoples digusting feet have been on there!!!

My friends think my fear of feet is ridiculous and funny, but it honeslty isn't. I hate when they stick their feet in my face to see my reaction or make mean comments about it.

there are only two pairs of feet in thist world i don't mind:
1) mine, because...well they're mine. I DO think they're disgusting (esp. my left foot), but I've gotten used to them (though I do prefer to keep my feet covered whenever i can).

2) My best friend Dylan's feet. I don't know why. His feet are huge, but they're perfectly shaped and seemingly smooth... they just don't bug me.

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