Podophobia, Fear of Feet.

Ever since about a year ago, I havnt been able to think, talk, touch, look at feet or have them near me. I'm not sure why I hate feet so much though. But I am absolutely terrified.

Most people dont understand podophobia. They just make fun of me and poke me with their foot, or put their feet close to me.

I start to breathe heavy and get anxious. Sometimes I even feel sick. I dont like having to go through it, for example, when a foot touches me, I flip out and my heart rate speeds up.

I feel dirty and have to rub that spot with a piece of clothing or full out wash it. One time, my friend stuck her foot in my face and it touched my face, I almost started crying.

Many people have other phobias like, the dark, or being bound or tied up. Well, imagine your phobia and the strength of it, towards feet.

Some of you will be like, well i'm scared of the dark, but not that much. Well then imagine a friend, family member or take your in triple it or something that makes it alot more. You might not understand, but most people dont.

I have friends who say that because of me, they hate feet. No. They DO NOT understand at all. I got anxious just by writing this..

Well, thats my story. Even if I bored you to death, atleast you know more about Podophobia.


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