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by: Anonymous

I'm so glad I found this thread...I'm so absolutely disgusted by feet. My bestfriend, when we were younger would put hers all over my legs and I would freak out on her. I'm trying to get over it, but oh my god is it hard to do. Its even harder, seeing as how my boyfriend also has a foot fetish...and he wants to touch mine..everyitime he does I kick him and freak out. Ugh. So gross.

by: (none)

i hate feet dad tells me to take my shoes off but i just go in my room.i hate it when people talk aout gets worse everyday

by: Cal

My own feet, ok.

Other peoples feet make me want to vomit when I see them.

I definitely can't smoke those cigarettes we have in Australia with the horrible gangrenous foot on the packet.

by: Samantha.

I am so glad you are like me, I have an acute fear of feet. They make me gag, I am getting sick thinking about this. My little brothers always try to touch me with their feet, and my parents think it is hilarious until I begin to cry. I can't help it, it is the most mind boggling terrifying horrible thing ever. I hate feet.

by: Anonymous

Feet are TERRIBLE. Every time a foot, or dirty socks are around me, i FLIP. My heart starts pounding, and i start feeling disgusted and nauseous. No one understands, so they play around pretending it's a funny prank, and it's hilarious. One time i had my saxophone out ready to play in marching band, and someone threw an gross, dirty gym sock on my reed.. but here's the catch.. (they didn't tell me they threw it on my reed/mouthpiece, til AFTER i was done playing it) I seriously almost cussed them out and i was crying. i felt so sick and i was sweating. They thought it was a good joke. ALSO.. my boyfriend has a freaking FOOT FETISH. we're the complete opposite and he ALWAYS wants to touch them, I'm just like..ew.

feet are NASTY
by: Anonymous

when i was little my older brother used to stick his feet in my face and sometimes got in my mouth...ew

so now i definately have a foot phobia its even gone as far as my own socks and shoes disgust me to the point where i dont touch them and keep them outside of my room. sometimes my own feet creep me out haha. as bad as it is with my personal stuff, with other people its even worse i cant even look at my little brothers feet without feeling gross and dirty and definately loss of apetite. my dad always touches me with his feet to be annoying and like i know how you feel you cant describe how terrible it is and you just want to scream! the worst is when you walk into a shoe store and it smells like the shoes....

Ew, Feet.
by: Anonymous

I know exactly how you feel.
They think it's a joke, so they do it to irratate you. My younger brother touched me with his foot, I got so agitated and felt disgusting that I scrubbed my leg with Javex for no joke one hour. I felt like I was going to throw my lungs up.

Even in gym class in grade nine, we were doing self defense, had to take your shoes off, I couldn't do that, couldn't take mine off, couldn't go near people with theirs off, even WITH socks. Even in shoes they bother me! So no worries, I know exactly how you feel.

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