Podophobia and bdellophobia

by Juan
(Kitchener, Ontario)

I am a 16-year old teenager.

I have a mild case of podophobia (fear of feet).
I feel uncomfortable when someone has their bare feet near me. I also dislike touching people's socks and shoes. When someone's feet touches something that I may touch to my hand or face, I don't like touching them.

I can live life day-to-day, but whenever I go to sleepovers, or go swimming or to the beach, I stay away from my friends' feet. Although I prefer being socked and shoed, I don't mind being bare footed.

I also have a case of bdellophobia (fear of leeches). Although I have never had a leech on me, I often am very disgusted by people's stories about them. I also involuntarily gasp, and squirm when I think about them.

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