Phone Phobia

I have a deathly fear of talking to people on the phone. I'll do everything I can to keep from doing it--procrastinate, try and get one of my parents do it for me, etc. I can handle it just fine if someone else calls me, but making a call is terrifying, especially to strangers. I can't even call a store to find out how late they're open without freaking out.

It's never as bad as I think it's going to be, either. I literally shake and become nauseous at even the thought of having to make a call, and when I finally do my voice shakes at first. But then I always end up relaxing once I'm on the phone, and the call goes just fine. But that first anxiety is SO bad I never want to do it, and I have to pretty much force myself through it.

There's three phone calls I have to make tomorrow, two of which I've been putting off for weeks. I know it's a stupid phobia that doesn't make any logical sense, but I'm getting a little queasy now just thinking about having to make them. I'm actually thinking about putting them off and coming up with excuses.

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