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me too!
by: Miss Anthrope

I can't even take calls. Even if I know the person, I will not answer any call. I wait to hear the message they leave, then I take forever to call them back. I work as a manager and I have to call people to set up interviews - oh the agony! I also get anxious. I have lost touch with so many friends because of this!!

Me Too!
by: Jessica

I am the exact same way. My dad thinks I'm crazy. I don't mind taking calls, I just get nauseous at the thought of making one!

I know what you mean
by: Anonymous

I have exactly the same fear, I shake, get nauseous, I've even cried and begged my mom not to make me call someone.Gradually I've gotten a little better, but I still hate it. So, I totally know what you're feeling so don't feel like you're the only one :)

by: Helena

I think that may be a form of a fear of speaking, such as glossophobia. I'm not sure though.

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