How To Cure Phone Phobia?

In case of phone phobia, you tend to avoid speaking with someone over the phone.

You start panicking as soon as you hear the phone ringing.

At times the fear becomes so intense that you don't even feel like hearing the voice mail or check the messages on your cell.

The other name for this phobia is telephobia and this can indeed have an adverse effect on your life.

Some essential causes of phone phobia

  • You are afraid that you will be ridiculed over the phone.
  • You have the fear that the person on the other side may misunderstand you.
  • You don't want to talk over the phone because you are afraid that you may forget what to convey.
  • You are afraid to confront the person. You have the idea that the person on the other side may behave rudely with you and ask you the reason for calling him up.
  • You are afraid that you may not be able to remember the things you discussed over the phone.
  • You have the fear that after talking over the phone, you may form a wrong impression about the person.
  • You are afraid that you may not be able to communicate well with the person.
  • You are afraid that the person on the other side may misunderstand you or not get your point.
  • Worried about receiving bad news by phone and could be triggered by receiving bad news by phone in the past. This can cause someone to never answer the phone, check messages and rely on someone else to do it for them.
  • Anxiety over simply the sound of the phone itself. Even changing a cell phone over to vibrate or hearing an answering machine can cause anxiety.
  • Not even going near a phone even when it is not ringing or being used.

What happens when you have phone phobia
You just hate the sight of the phone. Whenever the phone rings you feel utterly irritated. As a result your quality of life gets affected.

Your association with all comes to a still because you don't feel like communicating with any one over the phone.

This can also create professional problems as your interactions with the higher authorities get immensely affected. You can't pick up the phone and at the same time you feel guilty of missing important phone calls.

This makes you utterly anxious and ultimately the situation becomes all the more worse and complicated.

Five essential ways of getting rid of phone phobia
Write a script and then read it over on the phone. You can prepare the script yourself or you can also make use of a prewritten script.

Follow the one that makes you feel more comfortable. Writing down scripts proves the fact that practice makes a man perfect.

Why don't you perform a role play? This is a good way of combating your phobia. Call up a friend and ask him or her to behave like a boss. Face artificial and made up criticisms and prepare yourself for the worst. This procedure is sure to work for you.

If you are making a product call then try to know your stuff well.
If you are a novice in the field of network marketing you should first study in details about the company you are working for and you must also form a clear conception about the products you are opting to sell and promote.

Once you gain that confidence, you will be able to completely rid yourself from phone phobia and talk smartly over the phone.

If you are a network marketing personnel then don't get upset to hear a no on the phone because a refusal or a denial is quite likely in your professional field.

If you can accept the challenge and face the no then you can easily rid yourself from a condition of phone phobia. What to worry – there are many cats in the basket.

If one turns a deaf ear then you can readily approach the other.

To avoid telephobia, make a call when you are feeling best. May be you feel more confident during the morning hours. At the end of the day you feel so tired that you don't feel like making a call.

Thus, if you keep notice of such things then you will no longer be a victim of phone phobia.

How to cure phone phobia with the help of self help NLP techniques
Self help NLP is undoubtedly a make believe procedure. It brings about a change in your mental construct and enables you to live for the better causes in life.

Self help NLP techniques can effectively eliminate the notions of phone phobia and enable you to have a better understanding of the condition.

Thus, after the successful reprogramming of your mental construct, you will start feeling that talking over the telephone is surely not like jumping into the fire.

In fact, this type of phobia is a physiological issue which you can rightly handle with apposite self help NLP cure and care.

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