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Pediophobia (Fear of dolls/mannequins
by: Tway

It really feels relieved to know that it is not abnormal to have this fear. After 31 years , today i learned that there are many like me. I fail to understand this fear and phobia. Whatever it is , it is horrible . the very thought of it bring shivers all over .. can we have some way to get out of this phobia ??

My condition has slightly improved, to the point where i can now walk by a store mannequin given that we have at least 1 meter of distance between us. The thought of having physical contact with a mannequin or plastic dolls remains out of the question.

This phobia has crippled me in every sense. It has limited my career options and restricted me from going to many places.

I just feel bad for my daughter (1 1/2years old. I don't want her to miss out on anything. So, for her sake and mine...i plan on seeking proffessional help.

I wish you all the best.

by: Anonymous

Think back to your childhood, did you grandmother tell you that when you played with dolls, they took parts of your soul. That they need to be put back in the boxes, or else they would come to life at night.
If so, that is a myth,and an way to get you to pick up your toys.
Buy your daughter some dolls, nothing with happen.

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