by Cheyenne
(west liberty, Ky, US)

Hi i'm Chy, I'm 17 and I have 3 major phobias.

Each one of my phobias is to the extent that I have to completely avoid and run away from a situation that involves either of the three or I freak out and start crying.

With the first one I,Achluophobia, have to sleep with a light on even if theres someone in the room with me because I have very terifying and realistic nightmares.

With the second one, Claustrophobia, it's not extreme to the point that I can't sit in a lit closet, but if someone holds me down or I can't move I freak out, start screaming and crying.

And with the last one, Spheksophobia, if I even see a wasp or anything else that can fly and sting, I freak out, scream, run and hide. I would love to be able to get over my phobias and live a siminormal life, but I don't know how.

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