Phobias or Paranoya?

by Bradd
((South Australia))

Im a sixteen year old male, i have so many fears that it frustrates me because i dont know why im so freaked out by them, i know that their is no actual or very little harm that can come from doing these things, but they still get to me everytime.

The main thing that i am asking is, whether they are actual phobias, what are there names and how can i get rid of it, or am i just paranoyed.


The Dark:
For example everytime i go outside during the night, all i ever think about is; someone or something is watching me, or i am going to die if i go out there, for example; a weird creature or animal will attack me, or someone is going to hack me into tiny pieces.
I become sweaty, hot, my heart beats hard and loudly in my ears and i jump at every uknown sound.

Swimming Over Sea Weed:
No matter what i will never swim over sea weed, its not the sea weed itself but what could be under or among it, when i some how find my self in a situation where i am swimming over sea weed, i start to panic and feel like i am going to sink, and i also will not touch the ground where there is sea weed, no matter how shallow the water is.

Closing My Eyes In The Bathroom:
I can never close my eyes in the bathroom, especially when i am in the shower. I dont know what it is but i just cant do it, i start to panic and feel dizzy, i feel that there is something watching me.

Going To Public Toilets/Bathrooms:
I can never go to the toilet in public places e.g. petrol stations, pubs, restuarants all i can think about is germs, and i know that this is a phobia or disorder, but i would like to know what it is called.

These are my biggest phobias or fears, that prevent me from doing or going places. I do not know why i freak out over these things, for i have never had bad experiences involving these situations.

I hope i can find solutions, or discover how many other people have the same problem.

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