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by: Ravyn

I feel your pain with the claustrophobia. I'm just glad someone else understands how that feels. But hey, it's not like we're the only ones right? hang in there! You will find a way to overcome this. I promise. You seem strong. Luck!

by: Automatonophobia

I think the best thing you can possibly do as far as being scared of wasps, bees, or other stinging, flying things is to understand their power. For starters, most flying bugs we have in the U.S. are non poisonous and rarely that vicious. Wasps are probably one of the most vicious other than the annoying mosquito. They are somewhat aggressive if you come into close range of them. However, their power and potency is very small. Unless you are highly allergic to them, they don't pack much of a punch. I have been stung by wasps (both red and black), bees, hornets, yellow jackets. Pretty much all of them. But, importantly, while they do sting and cause irritation, most species die after stinging you. This is just one of their many weak points. Always look at more sides than just the ones you first see. There is more to them than just wings and stingers. Besides, we have poison of our own, bug spray :) good luck!

i know how u feel
by: =]

well i know how u feel.. when anybody holds me down or hold me to tight i tend to screm cry and even have panic attacks... wat ive learned over the years if to just breathe close my eyes and dont figt it .. the more that you fight it the more u notice that u are being held with forse ... i calmly say to the person if they dont already kno that i dnt like being held down and if thwy could please let me go ...try it some time it helps me and hopefily it helps you

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