Phobia Too Boot

by Allie

I'm afraid of a lot of things but they all have weird reasons like:
The dark - someone could already be in the house and waiting to hurt us. Ghosts come to u in the dark. I check the door a lot before bed

Storms- I don't want a tornado to come.

Torture - I'm not afraid of death, with death u feel nothing.

Spider - ewww

Height's - U could fall off of a high spot and not die :(

Roller coasters/other high rides - They could break on you and you'll be suffering.

My boyfriend cheating - don't wanna have to feel that but hes a good man and i still worry?
and other serious things like elevators, car accidents, and sometimes clowns :P

I have so many fears i cannot write them all but All my fears drive me nuts. I can't even kill a spider i scream and make my boyfriend do it?

I hate having fears. I used to have a phsychiatrist but she just made them worse then my parents took me out..

I don't know how to get over fears but i do know some of mine are so irrational and Still make me wanna cry. :( Everyone has them you cannot escape having a fear but just remember "Fear can't hurt you anymore then a dream can."

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