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you need to be confident in your man. they pick up on insecurities like cheating and makes them more inclined to do it. i have a husband and we have a wonderful baby boy together. the very first day we met, i showed no interest and told him to keep looking. every year i tell him the same thing, that he is welcome to have sex with anyone, as long as he told me and used protection. This sound crazy. i know. but we have the best most stable relationship that is based on LOVE. men need sex, and when they cheat it's all about the physical and not emotional. he may cheat but still love you very much.

you need to learn that men are cliche. they are from a different planet. even if the thought of your guy being that way with anyone, ever, at least understand that he made A commitment to you. and unless you're keeping him prisoner, he's happy and in love.

take my relationship how you want to, but the second i told him to go have relations with whoever, just the same rules as when we met, tell me if it happens, and always use protection.

how many women do you think he's been with since?
yes, NONE! men thrive on a woman whos confident and practical. they tend to stray mainly for the taboo thrill. take away the taboo, you give him no reason to cheat. i swear by it! and yes i was once insecure and always thinking about my man and what he was doing when i wasnt by his side. Been there! it gets old. switch it up one night when you feel ready to truly be committed with no fear. its like heaven.
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You have OCD
by: Anonymous

It sounds like you do have OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorders) Try to find a good Cognitive Behavioral Therapist in your area who is specializing in anxiety disorders. Good luck! If you don't start taking care of it now -- your fears will only get worse over time.

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