Phobia to Planetary Movements

by L. C.
(Dominican Republic)

Now, I cannot stand watching documentals on space anymore. As a child I loved anything that had to do with space. I loved astronomy. Now, one day I thought a little too deep about planetary movement: Earth orbiting aronund the Sun. So I was moving around the sun too! So I felt a bit like fainting at the thought. Indeed I cannot stand rollcoasters or anything like that. However the only thing I ever tried was those like the mechanical horses. The "orbiting" then experience was not delightful as I thought it would be. Maybe that's where it comes all from. After all, when I was a child I would start revolving on my own two feet and then the whole room would move... However I didn't like it to last too long either. I'm like afraid of loosing my head or somehting, I'm afraid of loosing my perception of reality, the "solid stable world" before my eyes.

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