Phobia to Conjoined Twins

by Barb
(North Caroline)

I don't want to sound like a bad person, but I cannot help it, I feel disturbed and incredibly horrified when I see conjoined twins. I'm a girl. If I ever have inside my body babies that are conjoined twins I could try abortion, if they born that way I would ask them be separated, if they cannot be separated I would give them away or kill myself or kill them. I freak out, I literally freak out. Is disgusting and disturbing, and sick and most of all sad, and sick. I cannot stand the idea of two people like that, and with the siam twins I think is sick they got married and had sex with other sisters, what the hell where they thinking?! You know how sick and fucked up is that? I feel throwing up and passing out when I see conjoined twins. Is like the sickest thing ever, like the tool video "jambi". SIIICK!!! D: it's a phobia, I know... I feel bad now :( I cannot help it!! x(

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