Phobia or open curtains and being watched

by gavin

im only 16 but for as long as i can remember ive always felt this way,I have a huge phobia of open curtains and have to get someone to go in and close the curtains before i can enter the room,my family just laugh it off and say ah stop being weird and stuff like that to mess with me but i laugh and pretend its a joke because im worried they'll think im a freak or something.Ive also always had the fear that im being watched much like the trueman show movie haa but im constantly checking under things and behind me.It's at the stage now where i cry a lot at night because i cant leave my room to go to the bathroom or kitchen because my hall has a big stained glass window with no curtain and my bathroom ones are see through,i feel as though these phobias are ruining my life and im only 16 and cant bear to think that im going to be like this for the rest of my life :(

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