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by: Anonymous

Sunflower seeds in a sunflower grosses me out

by: Anonymous

When custard sticks to the bottom of the pan and leaves like circular shapes on the bottom. Freaks me out!

i feel the same way as one commentor
by: Anonymous

Seeing clusters of any shape especially circles I want to destroy it. I quickly turn away. Sometimes I want to burn it then the shape is destroyed. I didn't think so many had this phobia. I get goose pimples and itchy.

Penne Pasta O's!
by: Reya

I made past the other day. When I was about to drain it, I saw how the pasta was all clumped together, with the pasta O's facing up. YUCKY. i get a disgusting feeling all over!!!

and I hate when the bottom of the pot gets burned; sometimes there are circular O's. I hate washing it.

by: Anonymous

Fish eggs attached to the fish or crayfish themselves make me burst into tears with fear and i start to dry wretch. Same with tiny seed pods etc.
Thank God someone is like me, I often get emails from family and friends of awful egg pictures because they think its one big joke.

This is so real
by: Anonymous

Everything mentioned by everyone is SO spot on for this phobia! I hate that frog and lotus pods. My pool cover even grosses me out! What is this?

why do I have this?
by: Anonymous

I don't know what group of phobias to classify myself in. I have decided to do more research because my friend watched me freak out while watching the movie Tourist. In the movie a piece of paper was burned, sent to a lab where they moved the letters around and it freaked me out (goosebumps,crying). The scene in The Wiz where the munchkins peel off the wall freaks me out as well. I recently had to walk with my eyes closed over a circular sidewalk with grass coming through the middle. I have cluster, circle, letter, and shape phobia. My friend found some helpful exercises to do with me. Example: I punched holes in a piece of play dough with a tree branch. It freaked me out at first. But if you keep doing it it can help. Finding someone supportive can be helpful.

I am not on my own!!!
by: Anonymous

I have a terrible phobia of shapes. Example: The advert on skin moisterising lotion where naked male and females come together in a cluster, or the durecell bunnies are in a cluster, or certain fruits (seeds).I have had this fear for several years now. It causes me great anxiety and I get extremely distressed. It actually brings me to tears and in some cases it can take weeks for me to get rid of the vision in my head. I have tried to explain this to people, but they just look at me with a very blank look. How can I combat this, as it is affecting my everyday activities and I am now adding to my phobias with other phobia's???

Me too
by: Anonymous

I am soooo happy to hear this is not my own crazy feeling. For me it's only close clusters of circles that have color. Mold on food FREAKS me out. images of bacteria or such under a microscope, or even left over food on plates that are clumped together in a small section. Mushrooms growing together makes my skin crawl too. I have NEVER told anyone this because I thought I was weird because of it.

Oh! My! Gosh!
by: Anonymous

Beehives, Pasta "O"s, anything that is the same size in multiples. So digusting! I get a "Creepy-crawler" feeling all over my body. Only, I feel the urge to destroy it. Weird.

by: socially inept

I told my husband that I get uncomfortable when looking at a cluster of bubbles or at beehives...or anything that has circular clusters. I feel physically ill just by looking at them!
He said I am weird lol

by: Anonymous

Lotus seed pods send me into a veritable panic attack. I can't handle looking at them for even a second without hyperventilating and beginning to cry.
Frog eggs that they carry around definitely freak me out, but I can deal with caviar in a dish, so I guess they're a little different.
I find the water just beginning to boil unsettling, but i can just stir those bubbles away. Same with the pasta, yeah I find it creepy, but I can just stir it gone.
I find honeycombs by themselves totally fine. Maybe its because they're hexagons instead of circles. But when a bee is in one, I find it too weird.

I agree
by: Anonymous

I cannot make easy mac anymore because when the noodles come out of the microwave and are facing up and it's disgusting.
I was walking over some ice one day and the salt had left a lot of little holes in it and it freaked me out.

by: Anonymous

Barnacles make me uncomfortable for days.

by: Anonymous

I just realised a couple of days ago i was cooking a pasta sauce and i got so nervous and anxious when it started to boil and the bubble sin the middle whereeven darker than the rest of the sauce, i quickly shut the pot!

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