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barrr!!!!! and more bars
by: dad help!!!

I kinda live in the middle of no where im 14 and a female i have been having dreams about zombies since I was 13 years old every night I cried to my moms because I couldn't sleep sometimes I can't sleep because I'm afraid that if I close my eyes zombie will appear so I screamed and yelled until I went to sleep my mom sometimes worries about me even I worry about myself there are times when I walk outside I am running in panic afraid of zombies I chasing me sometimes I even have to double look backwards to see if anything was there my heart starts beating faster I think about it I got to my dad and crying tears and back to the bars in my window so that means I feel a little better every now and then but I still keep thinking the worse are in my thoughts are getting harder and harder I wish you the best ......... # HELP !!!!!

Irrational Fear of zombies
by: Anonymous

Im 15 and i have a terrible fear of zombies. It started when i watched 28 days later (if you have a fear of zombies do not ever watch it) and its getting to the point where if i wake up at night i can't get back to sleep till its light out ( which is the case right now). If I tell someone they laugh and tell me not worry. I plan out what i would do if an apocalypse does happen, which helps in a way, but im still in fear. I tell myself that i need to calm down since there is no such thing as zombies and im just being silly, but then i think of what if there is? I feel we all have the fear because we dont really know if zombies apocalypses would ever occur. Time will help and if you do something to keep yourself busy you can get your mind off it.

my phobia
by: tink

I just turned 14 last week and I've been having nightmares about zombies for a few days now and even though they're not real i still think about it all the time.I watched a zombie movie at my dads house ever since then i never went to stay the night at his house and now I'm thinking about it at my grandmas house.HELP!!!!!!

looking out the window
by: Anonymous

i am 12 i watch one zombie movie and go ballistic. Im searching the web for help im usually calm but when i hear about zombies i think about looking out the window at night and seeing zombies just walkim. PLZ HELP plus im a dude

by: Anonymous

I am exactly the same as you and I am 18! I had a bit of counselling and that helped a little because I talked about it and my fears went down a bit. It has taken me 3 months to stop worrying about it in the daytime and I now just need to overcome the fear at night time. Hopefully over time it will go. All you have got to do is to keep telling yourself that it is highly unlikely that it will ever happen and if it does the government should be there to sort it out.

i'm afraid and always out of my mind when i watching zombie movie
by: Anonymous

i'm started afraid of all about zombie when i watching "Nigth of the living dead" It is very scary .. since third grade elementary school, I was always paranoid and afraid that one day zombies there .. I've cried so long in the middle of the night just because I was scared .. but that was when I was eight years old .. I think it was common in children my age, it was carried up to now and I always hysterical also shivering while watching a zombie movie

by: Anonymous

A couple days ago at school someone found out that I was scared of Zombies and then got half of the boys to chase me in a Zombie like fasion and it was absolutaly terrifeing I couldn't sleep for days, my friends took me to the nurse to try to help and she is still looking for the answer for my phobia but if you guys can help tell me!!! Well thanks bye!

Here's some info
by: Lp

Hey it me again now here some info for you if you've watched Shawn of the dead then it would be good to watch one of Simon peggs films he's in Shawn of the dead and he is in some of the most funniest films ever such as hot fuzz and the new film Paul just to put your mind of it and just to prove that they are all actors thanks guys

Not real
by: Lp

Ok so I'm 12 and I can't get to sleep but it makes it better to feel that others can feel what I'm feeling zombies can't be real not at all I've just watched this tv show called dead set and I'm really freaked out and yes I've watched Dawn of the dead and Shawn of the dead and lots more but what u gotta realise that zombies are made for Hollywood and all the make up they have and if you see a actor you know or don't know then search them up on this web site and maybe watch one of there films here's the link -------> I really hope I can be a help

Im so scared!!!
by: Anonymous

Im now twelve and Im just so scared of Zombies... even the name scares me, if I read it somewere I think-Im leaving now. Is that normal???
I guess my fear started when I watched "Haunted Mansion"
Its basically a family goes to stay at some mansion, owned by a man (who is really a ghost looking for his long lost wife) and the wife of the family looks like his ghost wife. Then something to kill her, and the dad and the two kids (boy and girl) have to find somekey, but it is a tomb and the dad taked it out of a dead guys hand who comes "alive" and so does the big tomb full of the dead. Then the dad drops the key into water then the daughter jumps in but is surrounded by Zombies.
I think Ive only watched one more zombie thing and it was ZombieLand, the part where a zombie jumps over a car.

I live right by a window by a side thingy (lol cant remember what it is called)and sometimes I hear a car or motor bike and first thing goes into my head, Zombies groaning, also my room is right next to my parents room and my dada snores, Yet again first thing is zombies outside my door. But I try to calm myself by thing only dad.
but I stay up till midnight or later (5.00) thinking they are going to get me.
And the one bad thing is that Im also scared of the dark, I need to take a light to the loo, but I pass the stairs and I have to shine a light down them to see if one is there but I have no idea what I am going to do if one is down there. Then when I am done I sprint faster than an olyipic gold medalist.
When it is roughly 5.00 to 5.30 it beiing to be light and I think, morning they dont attack in morning.
Yeah so as I was saying Im scarevof the dark but I cant get over that fear without getting over Zombies please help!!

It's not stupid
by: Anonymous

I am deathly afraid of zombies. Ever since I played resident evil with my brother when I was little I am always worrying. I am 16.... I am a girl and everyone thinks its funny how I am afraid of zombies but really it isn't.

don't worry and be brave
by: jason

i've had this phobia form 12 til 16 and for 4 years it affected my life alot,i did not do much because of my fear and worrying and at the same time i was addicted and would continue watching other zombie movies as well,it all started when i watched resident evil apocalypse at 12,i had a phobia of being trapped by hundreds of zombies and being eaten alive,i would get scared of family members suddenly for fear of them turning into zombies and i very much preferred the outdoors where i could run from the zombies,i am proud to say today that i have conquered this fear and my approach is to be brave,to acknowledge that even IF it happens (which is impossible) i will fight them with all the strength i can muster,i will beat and kill as many as i can and even if i am eaten alive,i just think of it as very painful,just really alot alot of pain before we finally lose conciousness and die,be brave and don't worry,if the day comes,let it come,in the meantime live life to the fullest,enjoy everyday as much as you can.

scared of the dead
by: tay

i keep having nightmares litterally every night it really scares me it told me friends that what if zombies come will you stay with me and try to esape i told her i found escape and hiding spots at my house she siad i was crazy and said if they do come to safe she would sacrifice me just to escape and would not save me i said why would you do that she said cause i would never want to spend my last moment with you i would rather sacrifice you then saving you so i ran home and cried then tthe zombie dreams got worse i wake up crying and shaking am i actually crazy i thought i was the only one with zombie nightmares but thanks to this website im not

rational fear
by: deep_thinker

if anyone had seen 28 days later then you should be afraid. the rage virus is a real virus. it is an acute for of rabies. rabies takes days to make someone crazy but the rage virus take only seconds. a man in london was studing this virus when then monkey he was working on bit him a few seconds later his lab was on lock down he had bit five of his co-workers. one person was rushes to the hospital but when they got there they already had the rage virus and they had bit a nurse. in order to contain the virus police shot anyone with the virus a total of seven people and one monkey was killed. though if not contained a person might have bit a rat and then the rat might have gotten on a plane and then who knows where we would be. also just recently the united states government has made a zombie swat team. i say if the government fears zombies we should to. if you want to contact me look me up @ cheza_wolf_girl at

me too
by: Anonymous

same. The main thing ive been scared about is the pain you get once they eat your organs and growl at you. Also sometimes I think about how weak i am against a zombie if i was to confront it. your not the only person and your not crazy. But I still watch them aspecially the comedy ones. Just try to not watch so much and get outside on a sunny day and do something fun to forget about it and try not to be alone at nights.

me too
by: Anonymous

same. The main thing ive been scared about is the pain you get once they eat your organs and growl at you. Also sometimes I think about how weak i am against a zombie if i was to confront it. your not the only person and your not crazy. But I still watch them aspecially the comedy ones. Just try to not watch so much and get outside on a sunny day and do something fun to forget about it and try not to be alone at nights.

by: Anonymous

I just played undead nightmare I know I shouldn't of downloaded it I'm only 12 I know they aren't real but I am still scared. The annoying thing is I can't friggin get 2 sleep so hot and sweaty I hate zombie games only one I'm not scared of is left 4 dead 2.

by: Tamika

I have a terrible, terrible fear of zombies.. im only 14 but i can't go outside at night by myself or go downstairs in the dark very much because i think that they're waiting down there, and i find my self constantly thinking of things i would do if a zombie happened upon me right now.. I remember being at the ferry waiting for my boat and thinking that zombies were coming and trying to strategize how to get really high up really fast.. Another time i was out side by myself building a snow fort and it was eerily quiet, kind of deserted and i began thinking of zombies and such and i heard sirens and began to freak out because i thought they were evacuating the city.. i do this all the time and its just been like this for years. Is there ANY way to at least tone down my fear?

by: scared 1

at least im not the only one im so friggin scared since a zombie game called left for dead, left 4 dead 2 and dead rising 1 and 2 and im a kid in a small town im so scared help me

I'm glad I'm not the only one.
by: Anonymous

All I have seen are zombie comidies, my first one was Shaun of the dead, I liked that one.
The second one was zombieland, liked that one too.
Next I watched a western zombie film but I forgot the name.
After a while I watched zombieland again, not scared but I watched it the next night and got a bit scared then watched it with my friend next day and he was scared and that scared me.

Now, I am so freaking scared that they will come and eat me.
Everywhere I go I look around for what I can use to kill them please help me.

I'm 11 by the way.

Help for the fear of zombies
by: Anonymous

I figured out after getting freaked out by the walking dead that you first need to convince yourself that zombies are not real and never will be. Think about the makeup of zombies. If they are the supernatural, body dead except for brain kind, they woud rot fairly quickly and would not be able to walk or move for that matter. In the hear, they would decompose, ligaments and tendons would fail to move the limbs that they attach to in short time. In the cold, they would freeze rock solid. Without blood flow from the dead heart, they would not be able to make these muscles work since they would not get necessary oxygen from that blood.
If they were human, heart still beating zombies, what makes you think that they would try to eat people to quench their hunger? They would just as likely try to eat anything that was easy to come by, plants, grass, rubber, maybe even a dog or cat. They would be easier to kill because they would be able to be wounded anywhere on the body. A sickness like this would also debilitate them in short time. Get it through your head first that zombies will never exist and spread like they do in the movies

by: help me.

ok so im only 11 and my cousin is 15 and we watched a movie together watching shawn of the dead... ofcourse i wasn't used to it and then a man gets pulled out of a window, and from the belly button riped his guts ever since then i had a plan ill run up stairs on the balcony get my family not my zombie family........... and lock the door until they leave. well everynight i sleep upstairs on the couch in my parents room and shake myself to sleep but it's not normal shake it's a shh-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-ha-a-a-ake then i stop then shake once allnight a long time for me. i don't mind freddy krugar or that stuff or mirrors but yeah my cousin has to say "the army killed them all" thanks for help.

same heere red dead redemtion undead nighnt mare
by: Anonymous

ok so i rented cod black ops and i was playing and my dad was playing red dead redemption undead nightmare too scary for me im 11 but zombies
easily fear me im scared i dont want to sleep HELP me please

I am horrified!!
by: Zombie Dreamer

Last night, I woke up after a dream about a zombie attack. The attack took place at a place that I love dearely and know I can trust...until now. I am horrified to sleep, but even more horrified to be up by myself. Zombies scare the daylights out of me. I am so afraid I am going to end up being a zombie's dinner some day.I woke up as I was strangling myself in my dream and just been noticed by a zombie...I closed my eyes, as I gripped my neck tighter and tighter and started to pray that God would forgive me for killing myself, I woke up praying even. My fear and christian values go against eachother because I always tell myself that if there is ever a zombie attack, I will just kill myself so I don't have to deal with it. I sit here now, writing this, living only miles from a chemical plant...oh the things that run through my head now, because my fear is in the chemically changed zombies (such as in I Am Legend), not so much people getting out of the grave, although that does stop me from becoming a mortician, or such. So I am glad that this is not an uncommon fear. I have always been scared, and attacks have run across my mind every now and then, but after this dream, I have been absolutely HORRIFIED!!! Can I do anything to reduce this fear?? What have you guys been doing? I don't want to live like this. I want to function properly in my daily life, not always fearful of what could happen.

by: Savannah

I totally get the feelings. This is the 3rd day in a row ive been awake because my anxiety about zombies. I refuse to close my eyes for more then a blink at night and then I always have to be dragged around during the day. In fact, I'm sitting in bed right now looking out my window every 2 seconds to make sure nothings going to get me. I live in a really isolated town so that makes me more afraid. I also have nothing to fight with -- no baseball bat nothing. My friends always start up zombie apocolypse conversations and I always pretend to need to go to the bathroom or something. It's getting ridiculous but my fears and negative emotions are beginning to rule my life..... I hate anxiety.

Zombie Girl in Dawn of the Dead
by: Anonymous

I'm so glad I'm not alone...ever since the Dawn of the Dead remake I just can't shake the creepy feeling I'm going to wake up and find one of my family members trying to eat was that little girl zombie in the movie...that scene ruined -everything- XD even right now it's 3am and I'm like "....ok zombies are -NOT- real...they're -NOT- real...I know that...*locks door* ...."....I just can't think of it being wake up and think "oh look, there's my mom making coffee...wait...why is she dripping? that blood?"....ever since that stupid movie and that creepy little girl I haven't been able to sleep peacefully...I know it's ridiculous ...I'm 21...I'm a big girl...but still...that girl gave me the creeps and I'm scared to fall asleep.

by: Anonymous

Omg. I am so glad I am not alone. I just watched a marathon of The walking dead the other day. Since then I have been terrified. I can't go outside if its dark and I keep checking all the windows and doors. I even keep the tv on in case of a news bulletin. I have 2 smal kids and I can't even sleep because I am afraid I won't be able to get to them fast enough. I map out my escape and plan what I would do if it happens. It seriously is affecting my life. I am on edge and jittery most of the day. I seriously feel so crazy. I keep telling myself they aren't real but that's just not working. I have always been afraid of them but this time I am just out of control with paralyzing fear. Doesn't help that my husband is on night shift! I hope after a while it goes away. But I can't go on like this forever.

Here is my zombie story
by: Anonymous

About 7 years ago (today is 11/9/2010), I went to see the remake of Dawn of the Dead, which was not the first zombie movie I have ever seen, and came home a psychological wreck. I would sit on my couch in fear, staring at the livingroom window, thinking about how easy a zombie could bust through it. I was constantly checking to make sure all the doors were locked and even thought about how much more secure I would feel if I installed bars on the windows. I had no appetite and felt frozen in fear. It always became progessively worse as the evening and then as night came on it crippled me. I went like this for about 2 weeks before realizing that I needed help. I went to a psychologist who first made it perfectly clear that I am not crazy. He said that something else in my life that I am afraid of is manefesting itself into what my mind feels is a more tangible fear of zombies. He said that I need to figure out what that is and my life will get better. I had been working as a mechanic at the time and one day, about a month later, I walked into work and realized that I was deathly afraid of my manager coming up to me and telling me that I forgot to tighten a bolt on a car and the person crashed and was injured. As soon as I realized this, I started to feel better. I quit my career and went to something totally different. My only battle now is that I can't watch a zombie movie without the fear of the return of this condition. It seems that if I stay away from all things zombie that I am OK. I have a relapse everytime I try to watch one, so I think that I am done with the zombie movies and shows forever. My psychologist said that there is no reason to subject myself to these movies. I hope this story helps somebody who is having a similar problem. There is hope. Try to dredge up something in your life that you are subconciously worrying about on a daily basis and try your hardest to change that.

Deathly afraid . . .
by: Tiffany

I love horror movies, they scare me yes, but aren't they supposed to? I never really was scared of horror movie too much, used to tell myself that Freddy Kruger was my friend and would never hurt me to get over the fear of the Nightmare movies, now they are my favorite. However, when Dawn of the Dead came out and the first zombie you see is that little girl, I sat at the edge of the seat in the theater gritting my teeth through the rest of the movie. I had nightmares every night for 2 years. I even tried watching the original Dawn of the Dead to help get over my fear. Even tried Shawn of the Dead, nothing worked. I love the movies because they are so scary, but they literally scare the s#&t out of me. I have escape routes in my house just in case of a zombie takeover. It may seem funny, but I've never been so scared of something so fake before. I know there is government experiments and that scares me far worse that maybe, just maybe it's not so fake. I can't sleep at night and the nightmares are constant. They get worse after I watch another one, and why do I keep watching them?? Because, I love they way they are made, I torture myself because the movies are good. In fact just watched Dead Set last night which is a 5 part miniseries that premiered on Halloween and at this moment, I'm so afraid of walking outside even to let the dog out. Is this normal?? I ask myself all the time, after reading all the other comments, I know that I'm not alone.

i know how you feel
by: raydiance

most people tell me im crazy but this could actual happen so i look in the bathrooms for vent and holes in the ceiling in case this does happen

by: Rob

I know how you feel.

When i was little i always sang loudly or whistled when i was outside walking in the dark. Also i almost completely covered my face with a hoodie or something similar to the point where i could breath and just see with one eye. This made me feel as safe as could be. I did the same thing when i tried to sleep. Rolled up myself like a cocoon with only a small hole for nose and or an eye to peek. Used to think of murderers breaking into the parents house and coming into my room with an axe and repeatedly hit me.. but that i would be protected. Have you guys done any similar "coping"?

Anyhoo, when i became a teenager i started watching more and more horror movies and in fact enjoyed many of them. even zombie flicks to some point. Sure i had nightmares from time to time and according to my friends, more often than for most. But it was never a big issue at least.

A couple of years ago i started getting more terrified of horror movies, and zombie movies in particular actually had me hiding behind a blanket. For the first time during a movie.

I tried rational thinking and i believe my issue with zombie's are the same as my issues with alcohol. I'm terrified of losing control over myself. My most frequent nightmares as of lately are about just that, me laying on a floor not being able to stand. Have been this way through a whole night as of what i remember.

I'm 22 now by the way, in case anyone wondered.

Phew, feels good to talk about this though. Haven't ever spoken about it other than saying "I don't like zombie flicks.. i just don't."

Also, sorry for the typo's and grammatical errors. English is not my native language.

by: Anonymous

Ever since christmas 09 i got left for dead 2 and ive bern terrifed of being killed by zombies and i dont kno wat to do

zombies scare me too
by: Anonymous

I was for several years irrationally afraid of zombies. It didn't ever really start with a zombie film--all it took was a zombie film trailer. and BAM I was suddenly laying awake wondering what I could kill myself with if my house became infested with zombies.

I found that small controlled doses over time of zombies helped me understand that they aren't real and thus defuse my fear of them. I started with zombie-like things like vampires and then moved onto zombie video games where you get to actively kill zombies and win! (generally I find that doing this with a friend who is really good at aforementioned game helps).

It's all mind over matter. Just remember that you're not crazy and not alone. Zombies are supposed to be scary. It just takes practice.

Some good psych info
by: Shannon

I thougt my whole life I was alone. But we are not. A phobia is a byproduct of an anxiety disorder. I was exposed by very abusive step father to the zombie movies when I was 6. He forced me to watch them all. I have never been the same since. I am a psych major for clinical psychology, and I have the following information for you:

phobia - an anxiety disorder characterized by extreme and irrational fear of simple things or social situations

individuals with this disorder do not experience pervasive anxiety nor do they seek treatment as readily as individuals with other anxiety disorders. Unlike individuals with other anxiety disorders, the fear of individuals with specific phobias is limited to defined situations or objects. Individuals with specific phobias experience impairment or a significant amount of anguish. They may lead restricted lifestyles depending upon the phobia type. Adults and adolescents with specific phobias recognize that their fear is unreasonable.

Treatment: explore what the fear is, we tend to be afraid of the societal breakdown that follows, afraid of epedemics, and afraid of pandemics. We also fear the lack of moral concern and compassion, since zombies do not care, do not feel, and do not hold prejudice to whom tey hurt. They kill and eat without discretion.

I suggest Behavioral cognitive therapy and the use of an anti anxiety medication. I take the lowest dosage of celexa 20mg, and consistently confront and accept my fear. I ave demanded respect or it, and have to work on it. I know it is irrational, and I know it affects my life. However it is still a fear and it is real to me.

by: Anonymous

I am terrified of zombies. I have always love horror films and used to be able to watch zombie films with no problem. But as I got older a few nights after I would watch them I will start to have nightmares that make me feel like they are a reality... every time I watch an apocalypse type movie or zombie movie I will become overcome with anxiety for weeks. I am Legend and Quarantine seriously screwed me up. Now its even worse because I have my son. I am constantly kept up at night by the fear that I cant protect him, hes only 8months old. How can I get to him before they can? I ask myself. It completely embarrassing and my husband makes fun of me, and I know its not real, but today i saw a gag of a real zombie attack on a website and I had to call the smartest ppl I know to convince me that it was a fake. The only thing that has helped me is to refuse my curiosity and not watch ANY horror movies ESPECIALLY zombie movies and after a few months my anxiety and nightmares subside, at least for a while.

i know how you feel
by: Rissy

OMG im terrified of zombies, i thought i was the only one, i cant be outside without my mp3 player really loud or i start hearing groaning and have intense panic attacks

Not Alone
by: Anonymous

i was 11 when the first Resident Evil video game came out i was sitting on the couch watching my older cousions play and ever sence then i have had a paralyzing fear of zombies. the fear literally freezes me some times, and there have been many, many sleepless nights.
anywere and everywere i go i am always looking for an escape route in case if the is an attack. this helps me a lot, especially when in heavly populated areas.

by: Anonymous

I have this fear. You're not alone. I'm learning to control it.

I know how you feel
by: Sara

Hey there,
I know just how you feel. While I haven't read the book, I have witnessed enough in films to convince me that it is definitely a possibility. My mean babysitter used to act like a zombie and chase me around the house when I was seven, and then I watched Night of the Living Dead when I was ten. I have had this crippling fear ever since. However, I have actually found it helpful to watch zombie movies and take notes on how these people survive global zombie infestations. The ones that are especially helpful to me are the more humorous ones, like Shaun of the Dead and Zombieland. For me, knowing how to conquer them gives me some peace of mind. I don't know if that will work for you (especially since you contracted this fear while reading a survival guide), but it has definitely helped me.
Best of luck,

by: Anonymous

I have actually had a phobia of Zombies since I was very young and found the book helped in my very long (and detailed) plans for what to do if my phobia became a reality.

The computer games HALO and Resident evil help. Killing zobies or zombie-like creatures in a controlled environment is very therapeutic.


zombayz again.
by: Anonymous

Dude, I know how you feel. I have a similar phobia. It used to affect me really badly, and I still don't like having windows or doors open where I can't see them.
I recommend turning your fear into a confidence. You've read the survival guide, you know what to do. Make a plan, become familiar with makeshift weapons and just keep it in the back of your mind. Stay away from zombie movies, even comedies with the strength of your phobia. Even maybe zombie proof your home a little. But not too much, just enough so you can feel safe, it helps. Don't let it take control of you, this advice is so you don't have to worry about everything all the time. If you get ideas of zombies coming at you, concentrate on escaping and fighting rather than dying and getting bitten.
And if the zombie apocalypse were to happen, I wish you luck, young soldier.

your zombie phobia
by: christie

i know exactly how you feel, max brooks may be starting a scary new trend, my phobia began when i was very young and my sister used to pretend to be a zombie and slowly chase me, im twenty now and still terrified, cant watch zombie movies and if someone talks about zombies ill freak out.. last halloween a guy dressed as a zombie chased me and i turned into a crying mess...
its weird because deep down you know its completely irrational... i know that in the event of a zombie uprising i wont stick around ill just find the tallest building and jump off..
for now i keep a samauri sword under my bed.. also try and face your fear.. heard of something called the zombie crawl? nearly every major state has one and iv moved to america partly to face my fear..
this pgobia is weird because unless you have it you couldnt possibly understand it.. how can someone be afraid of something that doesnt exist?
my advice, get yourself a dream catcher and just avoid the movies.. visit and calculate your chance of survival(im 48%) have an escape plan if you need one..and remember..they dont exist..

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