Phobia of Wrists

I also have a phobia of wrists, I can't look if someone is touching their wrist and no-one goes near my wrist i can't look at my own wrist. It makes me feel so sick and want to cry.

People think I'm making it up, because I get so freaked out by it, I don't try and tell them their wrong because then I would have to prove it by telling them the reason for my phobia. They'll then think I'm some sort of psycho.

It started when I moved house, I got so depressed and spent almost all the time alone in the house. I was struggling to make friends at school, and so one day after school I had a total breakdown and so I got a knife from the kitchen and before I did any damage I fell to the floor and was in total hell, and so ever since I can't do it.

People do it to me to wind me up and I try and make a joke of it to stop them but truth is its getting to the point where thinking about them and my phobia makes me cry.

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