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My phobias
by: Evie Sims

Ok i think i have some of the weirdest phobias ever, even my friends at school think i'm weird and most people take advantage of my phobias. i have geniophobia(fear of chins), omphalophobia(fear of bellybuttons), and trypophobia(fear of clusters of small holes). I also have a fear of wrists, probably because my veins and bones stick out quite alot in my wrists and it makes me feel sick, but i dont know what this phobia is called. Another phobia i have is the fear of bending or generally even touching pinky fingers and thumbs, i get this weird feeling that makes me feel really sick and uncomfortable. I can't do it to myself or even watch other people do it. i just wondered if anyone else had any similar phobias to me or if i am just really weird... please let me know if you know the names of the fears i mentioned above

Well yeah
by: Anonymous

I can't stand when people touch my wrists or when they touch my veins. I don't think it so much scares me, but hate the feeling. The worst part you ask? Powering through it for blood donations. Screamed the first time, and every time after is just a long, jittery talk.

i dont like veins
by: Anonymous

im really scared of wrists but mainky because my bones and veins stick out ALOT and it comes to the point where im close to cryin when i look at my wrists let alone touch them. Injections i personally think are worse but i just want to see if anyone else has the same combination of fears as i do. One time i got told i had to get a blood test in my wrist so i started crying and told the doctor everything is fine... help me get over my fears :(

Your Comment Must Have A Title
by: Anonymous

Some time ago, I used to have a fear. That fear was WRISTS. I couldn't live with this fear. If anyone would touch my wrists...eeew

by: Anonymous

Im SO glad to see other people that have the same/similar problem as me! Its almost comforting to know im not alone. Ive gotten to the point of having to have these blue wrist guard things on my arms for most of each day. I cant stand looking at my wrists for very long at all, and i freak out when i see another person who has a bandage or medical wrap around one of their own wrists cause i start to imagine what must have happened to have their wrist injured. Hopefully things get better from here!

Fear of wrists being cut, even slightly
by: Anonymous

I'm not so much afraid of wrists as afraid of seeing wrists get cut. I can't even take my own pulse through my wrists because I'm afraid someone will bump into me and my fingernails will cut my wrist. It's sometimes uncomfortable to type on a laptop because my wrists rub against the edge. I can wear bracelets if they're loose, but not wristwatches; I have a pocketwatch instead. I also always try to have my wrists turned towards me, preferably against another part of my body, such as when I rest my arms on my stomach. I usually prefer to wear jackets or sweatshirts; partly for warmth, partly for comfort, and partly to protect my wrists. A few days ago I found out a friend has the same phobia, and while we were talking about it we were both cringing throughout the whole conversation. We moved on to another topic VERY quickly.

by: Anonymous

My fear of wrists is awful. I can't look at them. I tend to wear long sleeves shirts. I have passed out multiple times because of wrists. So for all of u out there that think your weird for being scared of stupid things, ur not. I'm a perfectly normal person. I am just extremely afraid of wrists.

by: S.M.M

I am so afraid of wrists and I'm not sure why. It cant be the veins because a huge vein pops out of my foot and I think it is fasinating. It may be the bones, but no bones stick out on my wrist. Even thinking about wrists is diffucult, and I have to sleep with my wrists hidden. I cant wear short sleeved tops but when I do I need to wear a jumper or wristbands. But the really wierd bit is that whenever someone touches them, or I accidently touch them, I have to lick them or I go crazy and want to chop my arms off. I cant even wear bracelets because they touch my wrists and I have to wear really wide/think watches. See, just then I licked my wrist because the Glee album cover came up and it showed a wrist...and I also gagged. My teacher just mentioned wrists once and I had to hide under the table so no-one could see the tears in my eyes. Yesterday, the cat scratched my wrist and I threw her across the room. Everyone laughs at me and calls me a drama queen, and even my best friends get into arguements with me about whether its real or not. What do I do??

My Phobia
by: Anonymous

im terrified of people touching my neck and wrist or my ankles aswell inner arm. i hate when people dont understand they laugh or say thats stupid. i dont like touching them myself. i cry when people do and it gets me upset that they dont understand. i despretly want to know the name of the phobia because i am clueless.

by: Anonymous

I'm terrified of wrists too. I used to cut them, like, self-harm, I don't know whether that has anything to do with it, but I just can't bare looking at wrists or touching them, especially my own. I have to wear tons of bracelets on mine, just so I can't see them. It's a really horrible fear, who everyone laughs at me for aswell :(

the phobia i didn't think i could have
by: Anonymous

i didn't know i had Carpophobia untill one day when this girl touched my wrist and i started having this huge panic attack and thought i was going to be sick. i had to hide them by wrapping them in bandages just to feel safe again.

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