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Love this page!!!
by: Anonymous

This is such a great blog!! Thank you!

i have the same phobia
by: Mike

I have the exact same phobia, I can?t touch or look at my own wrists knowingly, I struggle to look at other peoples and watching people touch or ?play? with there wrist makes me feel faint and sick.

Don't worry.
by: Bexii

Self harming is a big thing, and I'm quite surprised that it made you have a fear of wrists. I must tell you though, I am exactly the same. I can't see/touch a wrist, even my own. In a science class we had to study the human body and through one hour we got through the brain, the hand, the arm and the wrist. Near to the end, when we got on to studying the human wrist I got all fidgety. So much so that my teacher had to say "Bexii, what's wrong?" I couldn't say much, so I just said "I'll be fine Miss... In a minute." Then suddenly my face went pale and I turned icy cold. My friend Cecilia, who was sitting net to me, knew about my fear so she was whispering "Do you want me to tell her?" But I kept shaking my head. I didn't want all the stupid idiots in my class to laugh, cos they're the sort of people who would. My friend has the same fear as us, and we always stick together when something like that happens.

Bexii E xx

by: Anonymous

I'm so glad i'm not alone!!!!!!!

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