Phobia of Whales

by Kyra
(united states of america)

I have Cetaphobia - its a phobia of whales.
I don't know why im afraid of whale, since ive never been in the ocean or actually seen a whale in person.

Heres why im scared of them..
Okay so just imagine swimming in the ocean and its soooo deep you don't know whats underneath you and all of a sudden a big ass whale (I mean 1,000x bigger than you)and it decides to go up and brushes against your feet or legs.

Just the look and size of them freak me the fuck out.

I'm scared just looking at pictures of them.
Im scared of all types of whales...

-Humpback Whales
-Killer Whales
-Fin Whales
-Bowhead Whales etc,.

Just saying the name of whales is just too much for me to handle.

And that's part of my story on why im scared (terrified) of whales.

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