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by: Dave

I just wanted to show my happyness for knowing i'm not the only one with this damn phobia. I'm from Chile. If you know my country you'll know we have a very wide coast. I'm 25 and i can't swim in the ocean. I just learned to swim about 2 years ago in my GF's swimming pool.
I've never seen a whale in person, but I cannot see one even on a picture. The last time I saw one was in a movie, and I started shaking a bit and I had to hug my GF like a little child. She knows about this phobia and she supports me, but it's still very embarrasing...

me too
by: Anonymous

i also have this phobia

by: Anonymous

I can really really really understand your story....Just by reading your story, I got really scared, but couldn't stop reading it. OMG I could even imagine the scene. I have a phobia of killer whales as well. I also freak out whenever I see huge sea animals. BUT Killer whale is the most scary thing ever!!...My friends never understand my phobia and tease me by showing the pictures. I really don't know why I feel so scared and shout when I see killer whales.. It's just scary. I am so glad to find someone in common. I thought I was too weird. I hate the fact that killer whales are so famous that I can see everywhere I go! I really want to overcome my fear, but I cannot even look at it for more than 1 second. (Maybe not even a second)...

by: Erin

I also have this same phobia! Although maybe not as extreme. However, if I see a whale picture or on a film or anything I freak out and am in tears. My phobia goes back to a dream I had when I was little.. I can't bring myself to type what it was exactly as it makes me feel anxious. Just know that you are not alone! And don't let anyone ever make you feel like you are weird.

by: Anonymous

Me too! I don't exactly know whether its a phobia or not but when i see the picture of a whale I literally hide under the table!
I don't even DARE to HEAR the sounds of a whale!
I want to go to the Shark Reef here in Las Vegas but even though there aren't any whales there, just seeing sharks makes me THINK of whales!

Just to share
by: Karina

Today I was just talking to a friend who I recently shared my phobia with and she told me that since I told her that, she had been searching for some information about it cause I really don't research due to fear that an image will appear, anyways....she told me that I wasn't the only one with this "silly" phobia as all my friends and family think it is.
I just wanted to share that I have the same reaction, I can't see them on tv, pictures, magazine freaks me out....I just feel like running away sometimes I even cried out of fear, sometimes even seeing really dark blue water scares me since it feels like a whale will appear anytime.
thanks for your time. :)

Afraid of those things!
by: Daisy


Well, I am not sure if it is a phobia the fear i have towards those creatures, but what I can tell you is that, I CANT STAND WHALES!! I mean i get freaked out by their size, and the sound they make.
My hearts stars racing and i feel dizzy. I am not afraid of the ocean SHORE, i love going to the beach, BUT i am scared of the deep of the ocean, do you know what i mean?
its weird, but i am afraid of the bottom of the ocean, i get fraked out even when i am looking at pictures or when it is on the tv.
I dont like spiders either, b/c i get freaked out but not as much as when i see a picture of a whale.
Sometimes, when i am taking a shower, and i close my eyes, i see in my mind an image of that animal and i open my eyes like if they were burning, and i cant make myself close my eyes again, cause i get scared.
I really hope this can help you, and let you know that you arent the only one afraid of those animals.
i never had any bad experience with those animals, but i am really really afraid of them. I've never been to an aquarium because of my fear. I am only 16 and i hope i can get over it.


Not Alone
by: Anonymous

I am 46 years old and have been afraid of whales since I was 5. I saw Pinocchio on the big screen then and was never the same. Once I was in a store at Cape Cod, I walked into another room and when I went to leave I realized the door frame was whale jaw bones. I couldn't leave! My 9 year old son had to walk me around the store with my eyes closed until we got out. Talk about embarassing. I decided as an adult I would face my fears, I went on a whale watch. I was surprisingly okay. Then I watched Pinocchio with my daughter (it was part of her college assignment) I was reduced to tears. I can't tell you the times I accidently, run across pictures on the internet of whales the make my legs go numb. I am okay with surface water of the ocean, but I am so not okay with dark, deep, ocean water. Sometimes watching a submarine surface makes me uneasy. I wish I had some great advice for you, for all of us but just know that you are not alone.

Good to know im not alone
by: Helen

Most of my childhood and all of my adult life I've had this ridiculous, unexplainable fear of doesn't even make any sense! i've NEVER had any type of experience with them and i don't understand how this could just manifest out of thin air..but nonetheless it's there and if i come across ANY image of whale, may that be a picture, a commercial, a painting..whatever, i get sent reeling into a full blown panic attack where my hear rate starts racing and I can't catch my breath, my toes curl and I start crying..and if you ask anyone that knows me, Im not the crying type. It feels unbelievable to know that there are other people out there that have this freakish phobia that doesn't make any logical sense..please if anyone wants to discuss this further (well, i would love to talk to someone else that's experiencing this) my e-mail is hduarte at me or whatever! I feel like i just found some kindred spirits..

strong :)
by: Anonymous

hello., i'm kim from the philippines and i want to share this story.

I'm a college student from Benilde w/ a course of Tourism, I have a friend name Rose, I'm not scared with whales,or dolphins in fact I love them, but this friend of mine I didn't know she has this phobia. We walked past through the library where there was a picture of whale? I think? or was that something, it's huge and to me it was cute, I stared at it but suddenly my friend Rose began to panic, and then she shared to me that she has this phobia.

I understand her because I can feel how she feel whenever I face my phobia of heights, that's why I never ever rode anything such as roller coaster bcoz I feel like dying in it. In pictures I feel okay but in personal encounter I feel like I'm gonna die and I'm also scared when at night I'm in an open field then I stared up the starry sky oh my gosh I don't like that...what else if I lay down on the floor and stared the sky I think I'm gonna faint

anyways, there then when our classmates knew they think it was wierd then I told them hey, aren't you also wierd in your own's like they never had one.

Our teacher from psychology told us maybe something happened when you were still a kid or a baby that you probably can't remember. But we can always face our fears :)

Can't Stand Them!
by: Anonymous

JUst looking at some other articals about this phobia has forced me to close the window. EVERYTHING about them scares me. I'm so glad I'm not the only one! I'd love to get over my fear but I just don't think I ever can. It feels much better knowing that I can relate with others abot it atleast.

by: Sierra

I always thought i was alone with this but I'm glad I'm not. I develpoed the fear atleast 4 years ago. Pretty much anything ocean related freaks me out. The funny thing is sharks are the least scary thing. Just think about whales make my heart race and me get clamy. I'm just lucky I live in the midwest and have only been to the ocean once. Anyway I'm just glad there are others I can relate to.

by: Mika

Wow.... i thought i was the only one who has a phobia of.... uhhhhh.... you know whats DX DX D.:X
It sukx because every summer my parents go to the beach for 5 weeks and i am forced to go with them DX DX DX as i am typing this i am feeling the urge to stop because of my fear D.:
I am not alone :)

im just scared
by: scared

im really scared of whales and huge sea creatures but not when i just see them in pictures or something i get scared if i fall into the ocean for example and a whale pops up it just really freaks me out i just hate them .......... my fear and dislike of whales started when i was 9 at the atlantis hotel in dubai and i saw this whale-shark thingy and from that day on i strated having nightmares about whales and sharks swimming with me in a swimming pool at night .............. im probably the youngest one here with a phobia of whales ........... though im not afraid of dolphins but im afraid of swmming with them but not thaaaaaaaaaaaat scared and all my cousins and brotheres look at me like im an idiot when i mention my fear of whales. thnx for reading this and thanx for telling me that im not alone.

you're not alone
by: stella

hi i'm 15 and i also have a phobia of whales, they make me feel absolutely sick and my heart starts racing whenever i see a picture of one. my family think i'm making it up and laugh at me. i haven't told my friends because i'm afraid they'll laugh at me too. i hate whales so much, but i am so glad to find that i'm not alone.

by: Anon

Same, I think it comes from my fear of seeing deep blue water. The size of them scares me, I automatically have to take my feet of the floor :(

I didn't know there was someone else...
by: Nadia M.

that had the same fear! I'm about to turn 18, and my family thinks I'm crazy for disliking "peaceful creatures". My family always laughs at me when a whale pops on the tv screen. I have to close my eyes and run out of the room! This also prevents me from going to beaches. I dream of whales at least once every week, and I wake up crying. I don't know how I got this phobia. I just can not stand to see or hear anything dealing with them. It's nice to know I'm not alone. ^-^

Same here!
by: M

I'm so glad I found your story. I can totally relate to it! There's this commercial on Dutch tv for the WWF, showing all the wonders of nature... including some you know whats. showing those big tails splash out of the water. I can't stand it!! I was reading Pinoccio when I was a kid and it had beautiful drawings. But one wasn't so beautiful to me. And I read the Bible, but the story of Jonah scares the *** out of me!! often can't sleep at night 'cause i'm afraid i'll dream about them. And I often do :(. And when watching tv I always skip Animal Planet, just in case.

I don't know anyone else who has this rediculous fear. and I know its rediculous. But I can't help it. Those darn big fish keep frightening me. a lot.

NO WAY! Me Too!!!
by: Blanca

I had the same exact Long Beach Aquarium experience. I was wondering around that area because I was looking for a job and when I was aware of that creepy round thing I freaked out!!! Killer whales don't bug me, but the huge ass ones with stripe-looking things underneath it.Even writing this is hard cause I picture it = ( If I flip a channel and it comes out i shut my eyes and act hysterical. Once I was at a Best Buy store in the TV section and you know how they all have the same channel on them, well I was in the middle of the TVs and one came out and I kind of yelled and closed my eyes and the worker approached me asking if I was Okay, when I explained why I freaked out he gave me a look I assume only YOU would understand. The funny thing is that I developed this 'phobia' because of night mares of them swimming around me, alone in the middle of the ocean.And the noise is like the worst part.Anyway, it doesn't get in the way of my normal life, but once I see it it becomes a very unpleasant situation. Good Luck!!!!
BTW I wouldn't want them to extinct either, Its not their fault I'm(we're) weird LOL

by: MGG

OMG!.. u guys i though i was the only person in the world with this phobia... i cant even look at a pic od a wh.. or ill start to freak out they r just so ugly and scary.. i really wish they would die =/.. sometimes when im in the shower my brain would just tihink of a whatle and i feel like one is close to me or idk and i get sooooooooo scare i hate this phobia =[ and people who know about it they think its fynny whe really is not....

by: Charlotte

Hey Marly

You aren't alone - I'm such a freak - mine developed quite a few years back now but everything you described is exactly the way I am. I hate water any deeper than me, I am afraid to swim in the deep end of pools because I don't know what could be beneath me.

I think it's linked to my whale phobia too - I absolutely hate whales, I have no idea why - they are just TOO BIG. I think it's the size combined with them living in such deep waters. My boyfriend tries to "cure my fear" by showing me pictures, videos. . . it doesn't work. I swear he does it for a laugh because he knows I start to panic, scream and cry. I'll also run out of the room. If I close my eyes I still see them too - once I get an image in my head, I can't get rid of it!!!

I've never seen a whale in real life - I literally don't know what I would do if I saw one, I think my body would just shut down into complete panic mode - I'd die! lol.

My fear also lies with anything that's just "too big" - my boyfriend laughs at me everytime I say somethings just too big. I hate boats, large fish, WHALES, blimps . . . anything that's just oversized. I also can't watch the whale on Nemo, oh my god I just start to cry like a baby!!

I'm so glad (not in a nasty way) that other people have this phobia, I thought I was going mad!!

by: Anonymous

Hi, Im 16 and i just read your piece and i have the exact same phobia. I also get this thing, say if i was sitting at a desk and i saw a picture of a whale on the computer i completely freak out and have to take my legs off the ground. Also at night when i close my eyes if i see a whale i have to suddenly turn my light on or im scared i will have a heartattack because my heart is beating so fas. I told my mum that it was making me lose sleep and it was getting so out of hand but she just laughs or thinks im over reacting but even saying the word whale makes my heart race. Last year i went to sea world, hoping that i would be able to break my fear but as we were approaching the shamu place i completely started to freak out and i was crying and i thought i was going to faint but my dad dragged me in and he said there were no whales there yet, which their weren't and we sat at the very back but i didnt watch any of the show, i curled into a ball and just cryed non stop, canstantly thinking my heart was going to explode. It was the worst experience of my life. I really need to find a way to control it cos i also cant go anywhere near the sea or a boat, Its good to know im not the only one though.
From Hannah

I have the same thing
by: Anonymous


I have the same fear as you! Except mine also includes dolphins and sharks. I am afraid of all of them even just a picture.

Aquarium of the Pacific
by: Anonymous

Hi Marly,
I suggest you contact the Aquarium of the Pacific and tell them about your phobia. I believe a marine biologist might be able to help you, or direct you someone who can.
Also, tell you GP about your phobia and he or she can possible send you to a therapist.
Most likely you developed this fear from seeing or reading the book Moby Dick.

Hope this helps.

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