Phobia of vomit (emetophobia)

I'm 15 and I have the stupidest phobia in the world, the phobia of vomit. I can not see vomit at all or I'll start crying , panicking , and anxiety hits me like crazy. whether it's a picture, video, in person or whatever, I can not see vomit. my girlfriend try's to help me get over it and I try to get over it but when I see it, the image repeats over and over in my head for days. recently I been watching rollercoaster videos and this one kid this one kid threw up and I kept seeing the image in my head for 3 days. I hate this fucking phobia , it's ruining my life. I'm afraid to vomit myself and I have never until 4th grade when I had the chicken pox, I threw up nd saw my vomit but it didn't effect me. I need help I really do. I'm a teen and have never rode a roller coaster because I'm afraid of some vomiting around me or on me. I would do anything to get rid of it. it all started in grade school when kids would constantly vomit , it was so ugly and smelly that I developed this phobia of vomit. help !

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