Phobia of voice recordings

by Bex

I have a random phobia of voice recordings. It started when i went to a museum and I listened to the world's first voice recording. To me, it was all distorted and some guy talking in the background. It really terrified the life out of me. I just put the headphones down, and ran back to my Mum.
around two years later...
I got a call and i picked the reciever up.I said "Hello? Helloooo??" And it was silent until after ten seconds. A man's voice suddenly said "Hello home owner, this is NOT an advert. Please don't hang up the phone." I just screamed and slammed the handset down. My chest starts to feel as if my heart will burst out of it,and i need to go some place really light and open to stop it. I also need to sit with family members. Am I the only one!?!?

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