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Same exact situation
by: Nate

So I was on Reddit, and a post for "The scariest sounds on the internet" caught my eye. Me and bro listened to them. All was fine until I got to the oldest recording of a woman singing. I literally yelled at him and told him to "TURN IT THE FUCK OFF!!!" I had a similar experience in a media history class when my professor played Alexander Graham Belle's first recording.

The latter makes me want to vomit, my fingers turn numb and I can't breathe. In fact, my eyes are watering and I'm having trouble writing this. Why am I so scared of this!?

Similar Fears
by: Michael

As a science major in college, I want to point out a few things. One, voice recordings from years ago are going to sound scary. That's because of the kind of equipment used to record the sound, the material (tape, film, etc.), and the acoustics of the place of the recording (how well it can be heard). Obviously, I have a fear of many old things, including buildings, places of worship, music, musical instruments, and what not.

I took the time to read more about it so I knew what my fears are and why these old things are what they are. Obviously, digital technology did not start until the late 60s at the very earliest. Even then, antique technology was still common place, such as film and motor-driven devices.

Finally, what I am most scared of in this kind of fear would be Souza marches and brass band recordings from around 1900. People can praise their so called "greatness and awesomeness." The poor sound quality, married with the noise generated from the tone arm on the record, and the loudness of the instruments scares the crap out of me. Could you imagine living in a time like that?

not the only one.....
by: Anonymous

im scared of stuff like that too! i was listening to a recording of the gettysburg adress from like the 30s and i FREAKED. it was so scary!

really don't like 'em
by: Cal

I hate voice recordings, but mainly because you can't just stop them or talk back.

But I'm massively afraid of having my own voice recorded, i.e. leaving answering machine messages or voicemails because I just feel as though I'm going to sound like an idiot.

I know I sound really bad over the phone but I think a recording just makes it that much worse.

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