phobia of veins

i only just found out its a phobia a couple of days ago but im soo glad it is! i thought i was going crazzyy! whever i see,think,touch,hear about veins i freak out! if some one has their wrist turned to the side where veins are i will literally turn their wrist over because i cant stand it! i wear jumpers so that all i can see is my fingers! the thought of them makes me cringe and the idea of emos cutting them makes me wanna throw up! i used to have a friend who was emo and she showed me her purple cuts, i started gagging at the sight! i hate explaining my phobia to people because no one understands! i have to try not to cry to look at my own veins because they scare me! i hate big muscly guys with their veins that stick out! eeewww!
i dont know what to do to help me get over it but i think i cant!

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