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by: VeinFreak

I totally agree with you! Today my friend turned his wrist and i had to block it out with my hand. It was DISGUSTING!

I think I have that phobia too! ;(
by: Anonymous

I have no idea if It is a phobia too, but im ok-ish with blood, I hate needles but not in a phobia way but with veins...
Eeew, just yuck!
Your not alone! Whenever anything comes up about viens, I bend my elbows and hide my wrists against my chest or neck. But nowhere I can see them!! I dont hyperventilate but I do get really squimish, nervous,skittish, scared and sometimes a bit sick.
I am just absolutely dreading the day I have to get a blood test, i'll do anything I can to stop it meanwhile.
Hope I consoled you a bit! :D

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