Phobia of Unkown Fear

by Sherri

I am sherri and i believe that thing i am suffering from phobia of unknown fear i dont know myself that wat i am scared of, first all it happens only in the night time but now slowly it is catching me in day time as well.

i am so sacred that i feels like vomiting, i dont know the reason of this fear there is nothing i should get sacred off. It feels like i dont know, in the night time i just get up

All of the sudden without any dream and just run outside in terrace balcony my heart is beating so fast

And sometime i dont even know where i am.
Now the same thing happen in day time.

Some time i feel that staying alone is the reason of all this phobia, i am staying alone from a long time i am 23 yrs old gal, wanna be happy but some time i feel that i enjoy all this loneliness and staying depress.

I have developed a habit to cry in front of every one
And take sympathy from people, because i feel that they will have pity on me and they will love me.

But i know very well this way i am becoming manic depressive and some time suicidal as well. The only thing i m searching in my life is love care pampering

Which i never got, fear is also of this only. Tthat i will be alone whole life and if it happen i will finish everything, is there any one who can help me in my case. I will higly appreciate that.

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