How To Get Rid Of Phobia Of The Shower

Phobia of the shower or Ablutophobia is mostly noticed in growing children who are still in the process of associating themselves to various unknowns of life.

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At times, what happens that a sudden gush of water may enter the nostrils of the child thus creating problems in breathing. Such a suffocating experience makes the child dread bathing and does not allow water to be poured over his head.

Very soon, the child becomes a victim of phobia of the shower and panics even at the mere sight of water. The child screams, yells, tries to run away from the bathroom and reacts violently whenever he is forced to take a bath.

Now what can you do to help your child get rid of the phobia of the shower? There are certain simple steps, which can make your child behave normally and stop being aqua phobic.

  • First, introduce your child to some new bath toys. This can make things interesting for him.

  • Watch your child bathing or cleaning his or her favorite toy items. This is surely going to be a major positive turn.

  • You can buy or make some washcloth puppets for your kid

  • Never let your child see the water go in or drain out of the tub for this can trigger his phobia of the shower

  • Do not create a fixed bathing time for your kid. Bathe your child at different hours of the day and try to make the event more playful and interesting.

  • You can also take a bath in your kid’s presence and ask himher to help you rinse and pour water over your head

  • Arrange for some special activities like watching video, reading some book or playing. The child becomes impatient and tries to hurry up with his bathing and cleaning process to get involved in other activities.

In most cases, phobia of the shower, which you normally experience in your childhood, remains untreated and it is relentlessly carried on to your days of adulthood. You know that you are afraid of water but cannot really explain why.

You simply try to avoid that area full of bathtubs, showers, running water and taps. If this is the condition, then my friend you definitely need some help.

The only way to escape from the clutches of this phobia of the shower is to take the help of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and try to create the reality in the mind that taking a bath is a process of staying clean and it is in no way life threatening.

You can opt for the appropriate NLP program and combat your shower fear. With the help of my NLP program it becomes easy to deal with your condition of phobia of the shower.

Posted by Jan Heering
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