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same here
by: Anonymous

I know what you mean.

I also get freaked out by him (Frank).

I tried to get over my fear by watching the movie a couple of days ago.

I still freak out a little, but I learned that in the movie, he is a good guy.

See, he wears the suit because it was halloween, but he was killed, so then he is able to go back in time to help the main character save the world.

I think trying to think of it like that helps a little.

Hope that helps a little, because it kind of helped me get it off my chest.

by: Anonymous

I'm the same age and have seen the movie myself. I have to say this is an odd phobia. I think the purpose of the costume was to scare, but not that much.

Have you tried telling yourself that it was just a costume or tried to think about how thy made the costume? It might help if you kew it was nothing more than fur and laytex.

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