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by: Anonymous

I used to see the number 27 EVERYWHERE. On clocks, on score-boards, dates, maths problems... It started after I finally memorized my best friends bday- 27 march.From then on it started popping up everywhere. I told my friend and she started seeing it too. She comes from a country with stars on its flag and she counted them and got 27!!! After some time of us both having the phobia, se did a quiz which told you your lucky number and got 27. That cured her from the phobia because she now felt like the number was a good omen and soon she stopped seeing it. It became worse for me because now i was alone. What cured me was constantly thinking "what can a number do to me. I imagining this and its not actually popping up everywhere." and it worked. I dont see the number anymore. I encourage you to try that, because it is true: its all just i our heads, and we have to realise that to be cured.

totally terrified of 11.11
by: Anonymous

I Think I am going to die 11.11.11I have been frightened of this date since 1995.I try and avoid looking at a digital clock until after 12pm.

by: evalution326

glad to hear im not alone, 11 isnt so much of a fear or phobia its a number that creeps me out due to i cant explain its strong exsistance or bothersome feeling, i have issues with numbers, 4, 5, 7, 11,17! 4 is my lucky number since as far as i can remember now i dont enjoy it, i met my current boyfriend whos fav num is 7 mine 4 = 11 i met him 5/17 my 1st love of my life died on 5/17 (diff year) i one day played him a song off of a one of my fav cd's and told him my song to you kerri hilson (no boys allowed) track 11 and while he was at work one day decided to download the cd to his laptop, the only song off disk track 11 didnt download, same day i was at grocier store and decided to put $7 into lottery machine and i picked my scratch offs by the 4th button 2ndrow 7th button and i repeated each step till out of money and got 5 scratch offs 1st scratch off i scrathed 1st scrath was num 7 i won, i won the next 2 and made bf scratch last 2 he lost, all in total i won $4. swear to go take my kids if im lying (btw i have 4) that same day my ex's (deceased 1st love) tow truck he drove when was alive pulled up next to my house i live next to motor cycle shop and his truck num was 5 and he 2 plates one truck plate one company 1st plate (p.s just looked up at clock, 4:11 lol creeped out) pgj 597 plate underneath 5 s4h5 his name was phillip shamray mine julie hill (top plate had his& i 1st intials) bottom right below had his 1st intital to his last right under his 1st intial to his 1st as mine did on each plate! phills bday is 3/26 3+2+6=11! kids bday r 10th (twins) 27th and 12th 27-12-10= 5 new bf birth moth 10 phils 3 10-3 =7 i see the numbers everywhere and 11 i can add things up to where im pulling 11 from but i cant associate it anything and it drives me insane, btw usually when u see double digits on a clock the saying is make a wish or 11:11 means i love you, well i hate 11 so much i always said to my bf dnt tell me 11:11 i dnt like it i dnt think it feels like i love yoou and one night i had a dream and 11 was in it, it was a bad dream and my bf made me feel safe so now im trying to figure out why the hatred to 11 .........uggggh lol i can go on and on! p.s 13th i just flat out dnt like i always get aressedt on the 13th haha

Repetitive occurence
by: Sathya

I was just googling to see if there is something on the Net on a problem that I am facing for the last few months. And Lo ! It is here. While I am glad to note that there are others who have similar issues, it is still not leading me anywhere yet !
Whenever I look at the clock, I see some patterns such as 1:11, 11:11, 2:22, 3:33, 11:22 etc. While I initially thought that was just coincidence, it is becoming more pronounced and more specific. I am sure that this is indicating certain developments in future that is in store for me (or for us) and it is trying to tell (or warn!) me on this.
If someothers feel the same way and have such similar experience, please share

Oh My God... !!!!
by: Anonymous

Wow.. I am not ALONE and not crazy and nothing to do with 11 in my life !!!!!!!!!!
i always look at the clock when it says 11:11 or 1:11, and I hate it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am scared of 11.11.also - 11th of november.
And dont wanna even thing what means for me 11.11.11
I thought, the only way to get out it, its to start to love 11. Give it a positive meaning.
I gonna try the Phobia fear release programm, and get over my stupid fears !Hopefully!!!!!!!
The fear is the most worst feeling ever that blocks you living happy life.
And it's not my only fear :(((((((((((((((

by: Anonymous

From my understanding...
Undecimphobia - Fear of the figure 11.
Tredecimphobia - Fear of the figure 13.

Wow, I have always wondered what it is like when someone has a number related phobia.

by: Anonymous

i always look at the clock when it says 9:11 it scares me

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