Phobia of Swimming Lanes..

Ok, I know this may sound pretty ridiculous, but for some reason I a phobia of swimming pool lanes. The ones that are painted on the floor of a swimming pool, usually for lap swimming.

If I am in a pool, (prefibly a lap pool, with painted lanes on the pool floor) I will not go underwater and open my eyes, for some reason i am petrified to.

I will also try to not step on them, when I am in a pool. if I am swimming on the track of one of the lanes, I feel nervous while I am swimming over one and I feel weird looking at them while i am swimming. If I step on one, nothing really happens, but I feel weird if I am stepping on one and I would want to move my foot.

I dont know why I have this phobia. I am deeply fascinated at looking at them, but at the same time i am afraid of them.

Even if I am on google images and I see a picture of them, and it is a really huge picture, I will not look at it, It is that bad..

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