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by: Anonymous

I wondered if I was the only one. I'm twenty years old also. My family and boyfriend teases me about this. I love to swim, but the swimming lanes and pool lights, whether on or off, freak me out. I can't swim over them, near them, look at them, touch them. They give me the creeps. I have no idea why.... It's good to know I'm not alone, but I wish I knew why...

Feel better
by: Nic

Im 38 and never knew I had a prob til 2days ago. I swim 3times a week always go on the same nights. Missed Mon this week so decided to go Tue instead; got ready, standin at the side of the pool and just couldn't get in coz the whole pool was still in lanes. Bit of a panic attack at the pool so just got ready and came home. Took me 4hours to stop shakin and get myself calmed down. Rang the pool today to find out what nights the lanes are left up so it never happens again, but to be honest it's put me off going back, just in case. Soooo happy to see some other people the same :)

Another One?!
by: Amanda B.

I'm glad to see that I'm definatly not alone (I think I'm getting obsesive over this. I just wrote an articlt on it and now I'm looking for other ones, too *creepy*) I wish people could reply to comments up here because I would like to know: Are you (or anyone else who's comment) afriad of anything else under water, like ship wrecks, seaweed, pool drains, rocks, ect.?

lanes and drains
by: lat....

Heh i'm a girl and i used to have swimming lessonsas a 3 yera old. I was holdling onto the wall and there was a big black blotch under my hands! I freaked out. and the little tiles looked like holes in the ground. I can kind of see where my fear came from but i can step on them now. I'm just petrified of drains!!

by: Anonymous

I cant believe Im reading this! I swear i thought no one else felt like that! I even swam competatively and I hated to be in the pool alone or if only a couple people we were in. I also dont like the run over drains on outline of the pool where they store the "lane" when they arent in use! WOW!

by: T-A

For me it's been the lines, the lights and the drains. The lights aren't as bad, and the lines have MOSTLY gone away but I'm still petrified of the drains.. still not sure why either becuase I'm not even like afraid they'll suck me In or anything they just spook me..

So do I
by: Sydney

I have the same fear... And also in pools with the built in underwater lights, I can't swim near the lights

by: laura

i am the same!! i thought it was just me! im 20 years old and i still wont go in a pool if there are lane lines. They petrify me and i dont no why!! I have always had this phobia and dont no where it come from. too
by: Alice

I have this phobia too -- my friend and I were discussing it today (down at the pool, incidentally, where the pool had lane dividers), and we decided to research to see if anyone else had the phobia. Now I know there are at least two more... ha.

I've been frightened of pools with black lines ever since I can remember. At 23 years old, I'm still wary to step into one. It's rather embarrassing and I have absolutely no idea where the fear came from....

Me too
by: James

I too have this phobia, im 15 and ever since i can remember ive been really freaked out by them just looking at pictures of pools designed with them scares me, im not scared of swimming in the ocean or pools without the lanes, its mainly because they remind me of sharks.

If i have to swim in a pool with them i always stay in the middle section of the pool or the shallower end. Away from them .

Im glad to finaly find out im not the only one with this phobia.
Any more infomation about this please let me know,
i dont know how old your post is cause this site doesnt tell you.

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