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I'm so glad I'm not alone!!!!
by: Ali

I am 38 years of age and have had this as long as I can remember...I'm so relieved I finally googled this and read all of your comments, THANK YOU!! What a bunch of weirdos we are, but us weirdos have to 'stick' together, pardon the pun...My most recent nightmares include going through an office refurb where all staff had to label up their phone, pc, etc, with yep you guessed it - stickers!!! My mouth is watering, wanting to vomit thinking about this now!! Most of my colleagues haven't moved them, and they're starting to peel off on their phones, and get dirty - it's getting unbearable for me...but no one understands, they all think I'm crackers...which I can understand, but doesn't help me....!!! Labels on clothes, especially worn ones, they really bother me to, where has this phobia come from!!! xx

They gross me out, oddly.
by: Anonymous

I think I have this too, though it isn't that much of a fear. I can't look at them when I eat or anything. They gross me out and I hate when someone puts one on me, if i see someone with a stick on there face i can't look at them or i feel sick. glad to know someone else out there feels the same :)

Thank god I'm not alone
by: Anonymous

When I get name tags on new occasionans I secretly peel it off which makes me vomit and when it's on my clothes I never wear them again. Once at my birthday party I told my friends and I woke up the next morning and my body was covered with stickers! I was so scared to eat because they even put them on my hands and mouth

Thank god I'm not alone
by: Anonymous

When I get name tags on new occasionans I secretly peel it off which makes me vomit and when it's on my clothes I never wear them again. Once at my birthday party I told my friends and I woke up the next morning and my body was covered with stickers! I was so scared to eat because they even put them on my hands and mouth

by: Kylie

I thought I was crazy. I don't eat apples because stickers have been on them. Or when I see a sticker I feel like there's one in my throat. Also like cups that shave stickers on them when they're brand new are so grosssss. Like stickers get all over the dishes that's why I eat and drink from plastic dishes and cuttlery from the super market

me too!
by: Anonymous

I have such a phobia of stickers it is hard for me to breath sometimes!

The 's' word
by: Kate

Omg I thought I was the only. I hate them so much and can't stand them. Whenever I see them I feel suffocated and feel sick this has happened to me since I was a a child. I once attacked my best friend for not listening to me to remove the sticker after I told her I didn't like them that is just how much I hate then. Looking at them or thinking of them makes me feel sick and a lot of the times I actually throw up and my heartbeat rate increases when I see one and it angers me as it is really discussing.

I'm so relieved I'm not the only one :)
by: Anonymous

I have a HUGE phobia of stickers and smooth plasters :(
When people have stickers on the clothes (especially jumpers) or on there skin (mostly face) I freak out, scream and cry sometimes.
For example, just today we had to wear name tags in Spanish and I didn't want one, then I freaked out when everyone was tormenting me with there stickers. Then at break my best friend was trying to help me by making me touch it. I appreciated it but it got out of hand and all my other friends were cornering me with there stickers. Y don't they respect me???
Anyway, in the next lesson everyone was laughing at me when I freaked out at a name tag! I couldn't take all the teasing so I cried and went out of the class. My friend and teacher comforted me and they understood that I wasn't crying at the sticker I was crying at the mockery. But evidently my classmates didn't!
Because when I got to my next lesson they were talking about me!!!!!
I'm afraid of stickers just respect that!

i'm not alone!
by: Anonymous

i thought i was crazy! for as long as i can remember (longer even, my mom tells me about how they had to hug me to put name tags on my back when i went to school) i've HATED stickers! they make me feel sick, dirty, and sometimes i cry, they drive me NUTS!!
I'm 14 years old now and haven't grown out of this fear like everyone said i would. i freak out whenever someone has one. they can't be near me, i run away. if i see someone with one on their body (ESPECIALLY their face) i can't be around them, i feel like i'm about to throw up. but no doubt, the worst is when you tell someone you CAN'T STAND stickers under ANY circumstances and they decide to make sure you're not lying and bring one near you or put one on you (...i had to go wash my hands after typing that sentence). i scream at them, i'll slap them, i cry, i completely lose it, i don't mean to, i seriously can't help it. i hate when my friends 'forget' and they'll put one on me or ask me if i want one. how in the world can they forget?! i freak out even if someone says the word! (...makes me wonder why they're still my friends) but seriously, if someone told you they were afraid of heights, would you go push them off a cliff? NO!
I just don't get why people won't leave me alone about it, or think its so weird. people make no sense to me. i mean, i get that its kind of a rare phobia, but its just rude to mess with someone's fears, no matter how ridiculous you may think they are.

i know how you feel!
by: Anonymous

I have a serious cast of Pittakionophobia which is the current name of a sticker phobia!
I didn't know what it was until recently when i decided to research this phobia, it is also a case of anxiety and i think we need to get therapy if we want to overcome this phobia,
It usally occurs when there has been a traumatic experiance when a young child. i have had this phobia as long as i can remember and i know it is not nice. people would through stickers at me and make me faint or through up but make sure that you dont let anyone bully you with stickers i know that other people think it is just a joke but we know that it is not so just hang in there and good luck! xx

me too
by: Anonymous

I have had this phobia for as long as i can remember. i have no idea what triggered it. people always think i am joking, probably because i joke around a lot but they are quick to realize i am quite serious. if i got stickers in school i would throw them away, if a teacher offered me one, i would say no thanks and all the kids thought it was so strange! if i got one a test or quiz i would get sick and throw it away. when i go to the grocery store and they put paid stickers on my items i have to use a paper towel or something like that to peel it off and i throw it away asap. it disuists me. just the word alone disuists me. when there is a sticker on fruit or veggies or anything! i have to use a paper towel to peel them off and most of the time i close my eyes. its crazy! and as far as food goes, i scrub where the sticker was with water, probably longer than i need to. one time when i was about 6 or so, my sister, knowing i had a sticker phobia got mad and put a sticker on my mouth and i threw up everywhere. i will cry if someone puts a sticker on me. and some people not realizing how serious i am joke and try to put stickers on me and i scream and run away.

by: Anonymous

Ive never talked about this before. I hate stickers that roll up with the sticky side out. I hate dirty stickers. Or wet stickers make me want to throw up.If I have to pick up a sticker to throw away I have to get a paper towel to pick it up. I also hate tags on clothes, possibly more than stickers.

Noooo stickers and noooo plasters
by: Jules

I'm now 40 and have had this phobia for at least 30 years and it is getting worse.

My son (13) has to remove any stickers from anything before I can use them. And why why why do they have to put stickers on fruit I know it's an apple I don't need a sticker to tell me that. it's got to the point where I won't buy anything with stickers on it unless someone agrees to remove therm for me.

Plasters are even worse. I will not have them on me or in the house or on my son.i refused to let him in until he got rid of it. If someone in a shop or cafe had a plaster on them I wouldn't be able to let them serve me.
I can't even look at them in shops or on tv without feeling sick, anxious, sweating etc.

Even reading this has made me anxious but having said that it is fantastic to know that I'm not alone because anyone I say anything to laughs and thinks it's a joke.

scared of stickers
by: Anonymous

i am hate stickers touchin mii or enting i just hate it it makes mii vomit xxx

by: Anonymous

I am amazed at finding how many people are also afraid of stickers..mine is FRUIT STICKERS! I cannot be anywhere near them!!
I don't know how it started, someone once suggested perhaps i accidentally ate one on a piece of fruit as a child?! but for as long as i can remember i have a tremendous fear of them.

Everyone i know, thinks its weird..people at school once covered my entire locker in them,so i had to change the locker. I didn't find that funny,though looking back was quite amusing. I do actually find it quite funny myself,its not your 'normal' kinda phobia.

Apparently its called Fructosignaphobia, and i'm proud to have the weird phobia!

I too
by: Anonymous

I too am afraid, its the reason why i have no friends because i know they eat things with S-ers on them, i cant even say the word. All alone i can go where i know is safe. Its just so distuging how people can do that. If someone ever dared put one on me i would kill them. One time i someone got one in my mouth and i freaked out and had to drink detergent

decals on glasses
by: Anonymous

anyone scared of glasses or plates with decals on them my sons friend has to turn the decals away if its your glass and wont drink out of it.

by: Anonymous

I'm really really glad I'm not the only one. I feel like puking when I have take a sticker off a fruit or anything I eat. I honestly lose my appetite. I hate when glasses have those stickers in the bottom, just thinking about it makes me want to throw up. I can't deal with them. Seeing them, feeling them, hearing them. It doesn't matter. I've actually gotten to the point where I cry if someone puts them close to me.

dirty stickers.
by: Anonymous

finally! stickers with bits of cotton and dirt on are the worst, im the only one i know who hates them. i was fine when i was little with stickers but as i get older it gets worse!:(

Victor's Attack
by: Anonymous

I am 15 and have had a fear of sticky things my whole life. I always feel like i have to puke around them and my whole body gets goose bumps. My brothers best freind, Victor, who is like a big brother to me, didnt beleive that i had a phobia of stickers when we told him so he decided to test it. He got a sticker and chased me into a corner. I grabbed the closest thing for protection, which happened to be a step stool, and threw it at him, and ran away. He found me 5 minuted later under my sisters bed crying.

by: Anonymous

i don't have a hpobia as i am not scared... however the thought of a sticker makes me sick. i gag looking at them. and refuse to wear them i do not tell ppl i have this as it is a bit odd. i just pretend im not a team player

Apple Sticker
by: Kelly S.

I am deadly afraid of stickers....especially scotch tape because it is clear and can sneak up on me at anytime. Another issue I have of stickers is when people stick them to something and then peal them off. My worst fear is stepping on a sticker face up on the bottom of my foot.

not alone
by: Sara

OMG! I am so glad I am not the only one!

me too
by: Jim Bob

Ive had this phobia ever since I can remember - I havent told anyone ever. The worst is when you go to somewhere new and they make you wear one with your name on it

by: Anonymous

It is more common than you think - I have had it since i can remember (6 or 7 years old)

And FYI - there is a name for it! ;)

Me Too
by: Anonymous

I am 33 and have had this phobia for as long as I can remember. I don't tell anyone unless I have to, incase they think it's funny to put any near me. If my daughter gets a st!ck@r for good work at school it has to go straight in the bin if she dares take it off. Even seeing the word makes me feel repulsed. If I have to take one off anything I never forget that there used to be one on it. Plastic ones aren't as bad, but still not nice!

by: sticker-mom

I just told you about my 7yr old son's fear of stickers an plushies. Well he also has a fear of his face being painted (he actually allowed his face to be painted twice, but would wash it off in less than 10minutes). He would never allow anyone to put a temporary tattoo anywhere on him. Im thinking that this coinsides with the fear he has for stickers.

Please find out the name
by: sticker-mom

My 7yr old son has this same fear for stickers. He finds them to be disgusting and screams and gets angry when he suddenly sees them. He's like the toughest, most athletic little guy you could meet. When it comes to stickers, and plushies, he looses it...please help

by: Anonymous

I also HATE stickers. My brother and sister get stickers and chase me around the house and i scream. I don't know why I hate them though. I just wish there was a name for it.

by: Anonymous

I knew there had to be more pp out there who also shared my fear. When I was a kid at school or church when u did something good they had big stickers they put on u. I can still hear them peeling it off and sticking it on me. They were always so sticky. Ever since then I have hated stickers. I'm ok if I see them but if they are put on me I get very warm I tear up and make someone get rid of it. Even if someone pretended to put one on the back of my shirt It would feel like there was one on there then I Would have to check it in the mirror to make sure before nothing was there before I would calm down. My boyfriend thinks im just making it up and says that no one else has this fear but now I cant wait to show him this website. Makes me feel so much better that im not alone. Thanks everyone!

by: gator

i hate stickers so much. i am really weird

stickers are so gross!
by: phobia girl

FINALLY! I've finally found people who are afraid of stickers too! All of my friends make fun of me for it, and they think it is so funny to stick them on me. Also, as somebody else said, i always picture stickers on my tongue or in my food, and then i gag! It is so great to know that i'm not alone. People always ask me why i am afraid of them, and i simply reply "i don't know", it's like i was born with the phobia or something. Just the thought of touching a sticker makes me wince. THEY ARE GROSSSSS!

I'm not alone!
by: Alan

Every makes fun of me about this and I'm glad ive found out I'm not the only one. I always imagine swallowing them and they get stuck. I hate beer labels that start to peel etc, wet stickers are the worst!

I thought I was alone!
by: Sami

I thought I was alone! Everyone thinks I'm a freak. I'm a freshman in high school. I cry when they come near to me or on me. My friends tease me all the time about it, and it's disgusting. I have never ever liked stickers. I am so glad I'm not the only one. Yuck, I hate them. I just cringe when I think about them. Yucky, yucky, yucky!

me too!
by: milly

Ever since I could remember I've hated stickers. The thought of all that dirt and bacteria on the outside of the sticker really freaks me out. Sometimes I think of them running down my throat and it makes me want to vomit. I used to tell people about this phobia when I was younger, however now I don't at all. I've found people don't take it seriously, and will chase me with stickers or put them on me as a "joke," however when I'm reduced to tears after this, then they believe me. But yes, I've learned to keep this part of me a secret as people WILL use it against you. Now I just try to avoid them as much as possible, yet apple stickers are still the worst and I'm always conscious when there's a sticker near me. I'm 21 now, so I suppose I just wanted to say it gets a bit better, yet they still gross me out.

so pleased i am not the only one!
by: Anonymous

Ok well since a kid i have always hated stickers, clothes labels and plasters. My phobia is about them being dirty and yucky and not really to do with the stickyness. I would cut out all the labels in my clothes and especially those clothes from second hand shops (which my mum shopped in alot when i was young). I remember going to the charity shop with her and even if i found something that was failry nice and "cool"...i would not want it because i felt the labels were dirty with other people having worn the thing. It felt like a punishment getting new clothes!!
Luckily i don't have to have second hand clothes any more and i think this phobia has subsided a little. However i still really freak out about plasters! Plasters on me are fine but put something else's finger near me wth a plaster on and I still gag! Clean new stickers are fine, but ones that are old are still yucky!

I hate stickers
by: Anonymous

I thought I was the only person who was afraid of them I don't like them to touch me

me too!
by: Anonymous

I have gotten a lot better about it but I used to vom and cry if someone put one one me. In like 3rd grade we were were walking on a trail for something for scohol and someone found a nasty dirty wad of stickers on the ground and put it on my back. My hair got all cought in it. I remember one was from fruit by the foot. EEEWW. I freaked out. Ever since then I am so grossed out. If a sticker is on something that it should be (like a label)and is not peeling off its fine. But, if it has a corner peeling i get so grossed out. I hate dirty stickers. They get dirt and lint and hair on them and I HATE it. yuck yuck yuck.

by: rk

Haha yay i always thought I was a freak for being scared of stickers. Sometimes i think about swallowing them for some reason and it makes me gag

by: sami

ok omg im not alone! for some reason when people stick a sticker on me, i freak out! especially te little circle ones with words on them. its gross!

stickers are scary!
by: Anonymous

Im so scared of stickers i cry when i see them its freaky!

by: SarahS

stickers freak me out 2!!!! whenever i touch them i gag they just freak me out!! everyone thinks im so weird because of my sticker phobia

by: Anonymous

I always thought I was the only one with this phobia (as the people above have said). It's comforting to know I'm not the only one and that there are others out there with the same problems. All of my friend and teachers think its weird that I dislike stickers so much. I always make them take off the sticker for me or I will not touch it at all

by: Anonymous

I am so happy that there are others of our kind :DDD
Thank you soo much for this oppurtunity!!


I am weird
by: Sarah

I am also afraid of stickers. All my friends make fun of me. I wasnt really afird of them until my sister started sticking them all over me.
I am also afriad of fake tatoos, decals or lettering on clothes that peel off orack. I will moy buy a shirt unless the design on the shirt is sewed on there.

me too!
by: hello people!

i'm thirteen and i can't stand stickers! my mum finds it hilarious but i find it really annoying. when i was little they would go aruond at school handing out stickers as rewards and i almost felt like i was being punished! I seriously can't stand stickers and it bugs me!

me too
by: Anonymous

I have this fear too! Everyone thinks its really irrational but i cant help it lol! a couple of people have stuck them on me before and i go Absoltly crazy and often start fights, Teachers dont often beleive that i started a fight because someone stuck a sticker on me but ah well im 15 and have always had thiis phobia.
by: sweater

ive hate stickers since i was 3 people think its funny so i dont tell people about it for the fear they will take me lightly and try to stick me with one ill break your arm if you try no lie

Stickers make me Shiver
by: Daniel

I hate anyone. ANYONE who forces stickers on me. All my stupid 9th grade "friends" always try to put their apple stickers on me. One time i snapped when they tried to, and hooked the guy in his face. He broke his jay and got knocked out. That is how bad i HATE stickers.

Even worse, once i had a clothing sticker on the inside of my jeans that stuck to me and when i took them off i absoloubtly freaked. And I am a 15 year old boy..

by: Anonymous

saame, i hate stickers so much! make me feel sick amd cry weh weh wehhhhhh

Stickers suck!
by: Zach

I effin hate them there so gross they get me arroused and make me poop my pants

Sticker Phobia
by: Grace

Yes, Its not just me. Yes many people make fun of me. I just cant stand stickers. Idky. I just cant. They literally make me gag, and when someone thinks there funny and tries to stick one to me, I wanna cry and scream. Thank God.

by: Anonymous

omg i am not alone,stickers make me sick even in primary school i hated it especally when they have got dirt on them

Me too!!!!
by: Anonymous

Oh my god, I thought I was the only one who had this!!! Mine has gotten better over time, but I still hate stickers and freak out if someone tries to stick one on me. Which they do when they find out I hate them. I actually feel really sick just from reading these comments and the word 'sticker' over and over

i didnt know...
by: CeL

i thought i was the only one who has this phobia,, i thought i was the only one. whenever i see a sticker it makes me feel uneasy inside, i just hide my feeling so that no one will suspect or know, because if they do know they'll just laugh and make fun of me and think im pathetic and weird, and i know they'll use this as my weakness point to ruin my day!..some people in my class think im weird and if they know im afraid of stickers they'll think im weirder than anyone else in the whole class,, i think. im glad now that theres other people who has this phobia i have.

i effing hate stickers
by: Anonymous

i want to chug and i get involuntarily shakes just thinking about them. i dont want to be anywhere near people who put stickers on their skin, but i don't tell them cause they try to put them on me and i go absolutely nuts.

im 16 and i swear, im a pretty normal person asides from this. i effing hating how the teacher used stickers all the time in primary school. my skins crawls. they are sick. i just cannot for the life of me understand why people like them or why the hell they were invented in the first place.

i once needed to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night but was too scared to get out of my bed because i was sure there was a sticker on the ground somewhere. this is probably OCD....anyway it's strong

by: Anonymous

I totally understand I am 29 and have had this as long as I can remember. I am not scared of them but they freak me out and make me feel sick to look at them. Over the years I have learnt to deal with Plasters and post it notes! I always get laughed at for it!

My friends think it is funny!
by: Caroline

My friends at school think my phobia is just too funny. They stuck apple stickers all over my locker and on the handle as well. I could not open my locker for weeks! Now, i have learnt to open it without having to touch the stickers. I think i got this phobia when a boy in my infant school put a sticker on his tongue!!!! I can look at stickers, but not touch them or have them on my skin. :)

by: Anonymous

I have this too, some things I can deal with, other stickers, and waterproof plasters I can't even look at them because they make me feel sick. Price stickers are he worst, and I sometimes to have to get people to take them off for me, and sometimes I won't buy something because it has one on.
People generally laugh at me when I tell them... but its really not that funny!

Phobia of stickers and wrappers
by: Anonymous

I had a fear of stickers and I have no idea why. I also have a fear of wrapper, especially candy and gum wrappers. Does anyone one else has this phobia?

People dont understand
by: Rob

I have had this phobia as long as I can remember. I made the mistake of telling one of my co-workers and now everyone at the office takes every opportunity they find to put them on me or my possessions. Today I left my ipod on a friends desk and one of the wenches put a fruit sticker on it. I had to use a clorex wipe on it before I could use it. It could be worse....I could have fallen asleep at the wheel and knocked over an electrical pole before taking out a deliver truck head on. Damn those heated seats!

by: Anonymous

i also thought that i'm the only one who fear of stickers.

My 6 year old
by: Anonymous

i am so surprised to read this blog! my friend told me about it because i've always marveled at my son disliking stickers! i've come to realize that my 6 yr old son's dislike of stickers is very real. he has never ever accepted a sticker from the trader joe's cashier or anyone else for that matter. he won't go to wahoo's for lunch because the place is full of stickers, even on the benches and tables. he doesn't throw a fit, but he comments repeatedly about how much he doesn't like the stickers and he won't sit down. if he takes a bath, he has to sit on a towel because the bottom of the tub has very small, almost not noticeable, sticker grips (you can barely feel them if you move your hand over the bottom of the tub, but he knows they are there!) ... hmmmmm, who knew there was such a thing as a sticker phobia ... i will certainly be more thoughtful about steering clear of stickers!

Me too!!!
by: Anonymous

I am so scared of stickers. One time my cousins put stickers on my blanket and pillow I started to cry. I had to take a paper to take it off. It creeped me out ever since.

Me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous

I hate them too!! I HATE stickers that have dirt or something on them, and i espically hate FRUIT STICKERS! i cannot stand to be around them, i cringe and scream, i am jus so terrified of them and i hate them!! :0

by: Anonymous

OMG same! i thought i was the only one!
omg just talking about them is giving me the creeps :S
stickers actually make me want to be sick, people always make fun of me and try to stick them on me!
im fine with sticky tape and everything like that, but i HATE stickers and post it notes :S

by: Anonymous

I have two kids, ages 3 and 4, and I go into Wal*Mart and every so often they get stickers...I try to deal with it as much as I can seeing them play with them and stick them on themselves and I just cant. I try to distract them so I can throw them on the floor....

(got facebook? join my group:!/pages/I-have-stickerphobiathere-I-said-it/308165304614?ref=ts )

I do too!!!
by: Anonymous

I cringe at certain stickers. Usually the shiny ones or small ones for some reason. I don't like any but I can look at them except the above. I hate when people try to put them on me!!! They're discusting!!! I also hate the stickers on fruit. The fear of that is fructosignaphobia which I clearly have.

by: Anonymous

Omg I have the same!
I never liked them, they were just not my thing. Mine isn't very bad, I don't throw u or anything but still I can't stand being 10 meters around a wet sticker. The mere thought.....

when i eat!
by: Anonymous

im fine with stickers but when i see those paper stickers on anything while i eat i gag like crazy.. its the weirdest thing and my friends dont get why!!

Apple stickers
by: mcleod

My friend has a massive fear of aple stickers especially if they are folded eww

by: Anonymous

I thought I was alone in this! If you have it, please, become a fan on Facebook:!/pages/I-have-stickerphobiathere-I-said-it/308165304614?ref=ts

by: Anonymous

OMG - Stickers are so gross. I can't stand when people have them on their foreheads or shirts. I have to ask the people at Rubios not to include the sticker on the plate when I eat there.

Sticker phobia
by: Anna

Oh my, I have had this phobia for years and no one can understand it at all. This morning i was sicking up blood because i was wretching that much after seeing a sticker on my husbands arm.

I was laughing at the same time, because i know how stupid it is but i cant control the being sick and racing heart.

I have no idea whatsoever where this fear comes from, but I am so realived to see that I am not the only one!

by: Jesse.bubsno3

My friend reasearched my fear on stickers as a joke and when she told me of the blog I was suprised that other people had this fear, it is so comforting to know that I am not the only one! I feel sick at the sight of unstuck stickers and it has now got worse so that I know feel sick st the sight of even stuck down!

My friend
by: Katy

My friend is scared of stickers but only when they arent stuck to anything! We all used to think that it was funny cos it seems so strange to be scared of, can any of you actually explain why? Also have any of you cured it? My friend thinks that its OCD but im not sure :S

i hate stickers
by: Kelly

I thought I was the only one with this phobia; it all started when I was a kid and my uncle had a price gun and stuck those orange price stickers all over me as a joke. I get sick to me stomach when im around them and no one understands why, they think im joking but I absolutely hate them. I start to freak out. If something I buy has them on them I make my mom peel it off and bury it in the trash can.

omg yay
by: brooke

omg yay im not the only one...since i was little my mum said she would put stickers on me and i would scream. if there is a sticke ron a apple i wudnt eat it but now i just cut off that half off the apple im gettin better now im 17 and i like to make cards i use stickers for em but i only move then with special tools. it took me ages to be able to do that but im tryin to take control of it. my work use to think it twas funny so they wud covor me in stickers and i would go spazo n scream n get then to rip em off n be so discusted and lay on th floor and ry n try n kill myself i was that bad

Me too
by: Jonathan

ME and 2 other people in my year at school have the same phobia, people think i'm joking and don't know how serious i'm being, ever since i got a sticker from the dentist when i was little, the sight of them just makes me feel sick.

Fear of stickers
by: Vikki

I was amazed to find that my son never accepted stickers when he was young, but it is only recently that he has actully admitted that they make him feel sick. Before this I had never heard of a sticker-phobia, but he has disliked them ever since he was small. Surely there must be a name for it? He is now 11 years old and cannot even touch them. If someone sticks one on him it makes him feel ill.

same here
by: George

I hate stickers ever since I was small always declined an offer of a sticker from the dentist or teachers, I cant stand them on my fruit and one on my shoe? I would go mad. I hate them so much sometimes people put the idea of me eating loads of them while im eating actual food and it puts me off and its making me feel like throwing up just typing it, im 15 and have as far as I know always had this phobia.

by: Anonymous

i have that same phobia. stickers are like the grossest things in the world. i hate the stickers on fruits and i hate shiny stickers or the realy small ones with happy stuff on it. it makes me want to gag when i see one stuck to my shoe. ewwww.

fear of stickers
by: Sandy

I have been searching for a person who feels like this too. My son has a tremendous fear of stickers. At times, i cannot even mention the word in front of him. I have had to tell his teachers to never give him a sticker as a reward, and they think I am crazy!!

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