Phobia of stepping on cut toenails

I had a nightmare as a kid, where a man was torturing me and my family. And during the whole dream, we were walking around on a jetty made of cut toenails.
Since then, I've been terribly afraid of stepping on toenails. I must burn my cut toenails, so that no one can collect them and use them to make a jetty. I'm really paranoid, it feels like someone is collecting cut toenails, so that they can make that damn jetty, just to fuck with me. I barely dare to tell about my phobia, because I'm so scared that someone will do it.
I get the creeps when I walk past pedicure places and if I just see a toenail. I start to sweat and my heartrate raises.
It have happened a few times that I've stepped on cut toenails, barefoot. I totally panicked. Just thinking of it gives me the total creeps.

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