Phobia of spiders and heights that is ruining my social life

by Hazel
(Galway, Ireland)

My name is Hazel and im 19 years old.I have always been afraid of spiders but now it is totally out of control.Autumn last year I was vaccuming and there was a massive spider behind some books and it was huge, I have never seen a spider this big before this,he was big black with massive legs,I freaked out and ran into my neighbour to get him to help me get rid of it. I found myself crying and felt like he was on me and didnt feel comfortable in my house. I then saw two in one day a few days after this. I was so petrified I did not go home for 4 days and when I did go home I was looking behind every doorway before I entered a room and shook everything before I touched it. I was shaking and terrified I would see one again. I didnt until today, I put on a sweater than was hanging up and I looked in the mirror and he was on my shoulder, I went into a huge panic and I threw the top off me and it ran under my bed. I was absoultly hysterical, nobody could calm me down, I was crying and shouting 'i cannot believe this is happening again' I had to get my neighbour to get rid of it and I could not calm down for about an hour, now I am haunted by the sight of him, I am petrified to see a picture of one that big or if I see one again. It is really affecting me as I cannot be relaxed in my own home.
As a child I never had a fear of heights, I was always climbing trees and goin on amusements. Around two year ago it started making me scared,but now it is totally eractic, the thought of standing of the top of a building or parashooting has me absoultly terrified. I went to the amusements and went on an extermly high ride,a tower that brings u to the top and shoots you down and I was so petrified I couldnt open my eyes and the feeling in my stomach was awful I felt dizzy and was shouting from the top of my lungs. As a result of this I am starting to get a fear of flying. Its just the thought of free falling I get this horrible feeling and am so scared.
These two fears are effecting my social and everyday life. Please can somebody help me. Any advice?

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