Phobia of Space

by Unknown

I've had a phobia for about 7 years which has interrupted my learning at school as well as at home. I have a phobia of space (learning about space, looking up at the sky, thinking about space), whales, the sea, and being alone in a huge space, e.g a school gym. I really need help about it, but I never thought it was that serious.

For a while, I thought it was just a silly thing I was just "scared" of. But I now realise I'm close to having panic attacks when I see the sight of any of the above; whales especially. It's such a strange thing and all the kids in my classes laugh at me for it. They then start showing me pictures of whales and space and such, which makes me feel really upset and I usually start crying. They dont realise how serious it is.

Does anybody know the name of this phobia? I'd like to know. I want to get it treated.

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