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by: Brandon

Aww, I love space. But I can understand why it is so creepy...

Me too
by: Rai

I too suffer with space phobia. I have also had it from quite a young age (about 13). I have had counselling and am currently taking clomipramine which has been amazing for me. I have had little or no symptoms for several years (about 12)due to a high dose of this medication.

Fears are very frightening as you know but you can and I am sure will get over this with the correct counselling and medication. I thought when I suffered very badly at a young age that there wouldn't be any hope for me. Believe me though there is. Talk about it too with sympathetic people as just getting it off your chest can help. Some people will not understand and you may find that talking to those types of people actually makes you more concerned.

All the best for the future.


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