Phobia of Sea Creatures

by Citlalli

I am terrified of seeing large sea creatures underwater, or even little ones. I have had this phobia of sea creatures since I went to an Elementary School Trip. They were taking us to an aquarium and I had never been to one, I was only in 2nd grade then. We passed to a huge room, that kind of went under the aquarium, and then there were these huge windows that they said were 12inches thick. They were all filled with water, and I didn't know why, until a huge sea creature went swimming up to the window that I was right in front of, I flinched away and started crying. Ever since then I can't look at anything underwater or I flinch away and start hyperventilating, even if it's on T.V. Or I just get chills all over my body and my eyes start to water, but I always look away and cover my ears. I just wanted to know if anyone else has this same phobia of sea creatures.

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