The Causes, Characteristics And Cure of Phobia Of Plant

Do You Suffer from phobia of plant? In fact, plant phobia, alternatively termed as Botanophobia, is just another kind of phobia that does not respect race, region, age and gender.

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Phobia of Plant Treatment

Any normal person like you and me can fall victim to this kind of phobia. There are many reasons that cause Botanophobia.

If you think that plants consume too much of oxygen and depletes your fair share, you might develop Botanophobia.

Similarly, if you experience allergic reactions, rashes etc., similar phobia might result. In addition to all these you might have personal associations and harbour superstitious beliefs.

Let me give you an example of superstitious belief that can lead to Botanophobia. Leaving flowers overnight with a patient is considered ominous. A flower or plant is supposed to invite evil spirits and allow them to cause harm to the patient.

Now, you might be asking what problems phobia of plant might cause. Sufferers of plant phobia experience higher stress levels. They also experience higher blood pressure, increased pulse rate and profuse sweating.

Even stomach pains, emotional vicissitudes and other physiological malfunctioning also affect the victims. In a broader perspective, the victim’s family life, employment and relationships tend to suffer a lot.

Botanophobia can also be explained from Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) viewpoint. NLP principle tells us that our unconscious minds are capable to form mental constructs out of what we sense through our sensory organs.

NLP practitioners term these mental constructs as mental codes. Any phobia is the outcome of a wrong set of mental codes associated with a specific object or person.

In the case of phobia of plant, you might have experienced something unpleasant with plants in your childhood and have formed an unconscious association of unpleasantness with plants.

Now let us move on to available treatments for Botanophobia. There is a variety of drugs that psychiatrists prescribe. Often these drugs have side effects. The effect of these drugs is restricted to temporary suppression of symptoms.

However, there are reasons to cheer now! Modern drug-free processes have been invented that can cure phobia of plant. NLP Self-Help techniques can be extremely effective. In 15 minutes, you might be in a position to conquer Botanophobia and lead a trouble-free life.

Posted by Jan Heering
Master Coach, psychological trainer and author
Founder and President of the Morpheus Institute and

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