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Not alone
by: Anonymous

As someone said before, I thought I was the only one. This is a hard phobia since you have to fix pipes everynow and then. I'm afraid to go into my crossbasement, and I'm afraid to go anywhere pipes are. It's wired though, most people are scared of something natural, however, pipes are a human inovation.


Hey add me on Facebook send me a message saying pipes!! It's sally-Ann ryde..... And yeah apart from my friendly pipes I suppose ought rusty as well..... And electric power stations....

scary pipes
by: Anonymous

gosh i thought i was the only one in the world that had this feer of pipes but aparently not!! does anyone know the name for the phobia?

by: Anonymous

pipes scare the crap outta me......... i have to check certain toilets etc but some like the ones in my cellar become friendly pipes when im used to them :)

dude me too
by: Anonymous

i dont know why but large circular metal objects frighten me. such as metal pipes, large propain tanks, wind mills, sphere bouys, industrail dryers, hot water heaters. its freaking weird man. i try to avioid these items, kinda sad lol

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