Phobia of photographs of sea creatures!

I have no idea how this phobia cof photographs of sea creaturesame about, but it is really strange. I cannot read books about underwater because I am so scared of images of the creatures. But the strangest thing is, I am completely fine going diving myself and find these creatures fascinating, but when i turn a page and am faced with a picture of fish that i wasnt expecting, I scream and have to shut the book! Its so so wierd. So i have to turn the pages of books slowly if i think there will be such photographs. I am also the same with documentaries about sea creatures, I have to watch them with my hands over my eyes, I am fine when i get used to it but I scream every time it changes scene. I just find unexpected images of sea creatures really shocking and I have no idea why. It would be interesting to see if anyone else is the same, although I am probably just crazy haha!

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