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Me too!
by: Kat

I have the same fear. I cannot look at any deep water pictures or underwater sea creatures unless on TV. I break out in a cold sweat, get the shakes and scream if I turn a page and see them. Also terrified of maps especially atlas maps. Give me the absolute shivers.

by: Sierra

I have a fear of sea creature too. In any form though and Ill start screaming or crying until it goes away. I also have to stop thinking about it too.

Don't worry
by: Anonymous

I have a fear alot like that. I'm afraid of any large picture but as soon as it moves I'm fine.

fish scare me :'(
by: Anonymous

i have the same fear however i can't stand them in real life either i have panic attacks and i start crying....i even get this way when i think about them and i have to think of something else or other wise i will remember the picture in my head and picture them near me and i will freak out, i'm actually getting quite scared now...

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