Phobia of People Who Lack Necks

by Andria
(Missouri, USA)

Fear the Cornholio

Fear the Cornholio

It started when my boyfriend and I were joking around. He, sitting next to me, pulled his shirt over his head, began to flail his arms about, and made a sharp inhaling sound like a gasp. I was so shaken over his actions that I screamed in horror and burst into real tears. (I am not an overly-emotional person.) He held me and apologized. We had a good laugh. Not long after, I came out of the bathroom to him standing there with his shirt over his head, flailing his arms, and making scary noises. I was so terrified that I began to involuntarily throw objects at him. (Socks. The closest thing at the time.) I screamed at the top of my lungs and locked myself in the bathroom. He thinks it is the most hilarious thing, but I am deathly afraid of these oddly specific actions. To figure out exactly why, we began isolating these three things. I was not afraid of the arms by themselves. I was not afraid of the noise by itself. The shirt over the head was the only thing that I found unsettling. But only when these three things were done in a row, did I cry out of sheer terror.


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